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Europol Report: U.K. has the highest rate of returning Islamist fighters in Europe

European police chiefs have warned that the United Kingdom has by far the highest rate of “exceptionally dangerous” returning Islamist fighters in the whole of Europe. In fact, about half of British citizens who made the journey to Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS have now returned to the United Kingdom.

Europol – the law enforcement agency of the European Union – has warned that the returned Islamists fighters who’ve trained in and who’ve likely seen battle in the Middle East are “exceptionally dangerous”.

“Their training and experience — such as handling weapons and explosives — makes them exceptionally dangerous,” authors of the report wrote.

As per Europol’s yearly report, 45 percent of the British jihadists who traveled to Iraq and Syria during the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have now made their way safely back to the United Kingdom.

This means that the U.K. has the largest proportion of returned Islamist foreign fighters in the entire EU.





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