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‘Islamism is at war with us. We have to evict it from our country by force,’ says Marine Le Pen following beheading terror attack

National Rally Marine Le Pen comes down hard on President Emmanuel Macron for his lax immigration and anti-terror policies

Friday’s brutal murder of high school teacher Samuel Paty in France has once again sparked a debate on extremism and sent the country into crisis, with National Rally leader Marine Le Pen slamming French President Emmanuel Macron’s failure to control terrorism in the country.

“Islamism is at war with us. We have to evict it from our country by force,” said Marine Le Pen in response to Paty’s death.

President Emmanuel Macron has long been under pressure to take a tougher stance on Islamic extremism and separatism. Among other things, speculation about the expulsion of more than two hundred radicals in response to the attack started to circulate in the media. France is also expected to tighten up the screening of asylum applications and increase control over the funding of Islamic organizations.

However, Macron has made sweeping promises to combat Islamic extremism in the past that never came to fruition. In fact, a similar Islamic extremist beheading occurred in France just in 2015, and little progress has been made since then. 



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