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Anybody Looking At What’s Happening To Europe?

(Photo by NastyaSensei Sens from Pexels)

While we watch a third world invasion from Central America knocking on our southern border with Mexico, is anybody watching what’s happening to Europe? Canada? Australia?

Immigrants overrun each of those Western entities by the millions.

What’s most interesting: their leaders invite the invasions of their countries against their countrymen and women. Worse, against their successful cultures!

European cultures face extinction or bastardization from incompatible religions, cultures and world views of the immigrants.  Those immigrants fundamentally ransack the parliamentary laws of Europeans.

No less than 90 “no go zones” inhabit dozens of towns and regions of France, Germany, UK, Holland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Spain.  The immigrants created separate societies within those countries. Separate languages, cultures and ways

of life.



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