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Swedish Government Wants to Ban Ancient Viking Symbols, Claiming they “Constitute Incitement to Hatred”

The Swedish Government is trying to make certain runes from the runic alphabet, as well as some old Norse Scandinavian symbols illegal.

Their official reason for banning the runes is that Nazis used some of them during the second world war, for example the Odal rune that means O and the Tyr / Tiwaz rune that means T.

Reportedly, the Social Democratic Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson is behind the initiative.

According to the proposal, Old Norse symbols and jewelry may also be banned as incitement to hatred. This includes Mjolnir, hammer of the Norse God Thor, the Valknut / Odin’s knot and the Vegvisir.

However, runes are over 1200 years old and have absolutely nothing to do with Nazis.




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