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Germany: Islamists receive gun licence

(Photo: Pixabay)

By: V4 Agency

24 Islamists have been given gun licences, despite authorities being aware of their Islamist activities.

As of 2 February 2021, in Germany’s state of North Rhine-Westphalia, 24 Islamists have obtained official gun licence, despite being no strangers to the authorities.

At the request of Markus Wagner, chairman of the AfD North Rhine-Westphalia parliamentary group, the interior minister revealed that half of the licences, 12 in all, cannot even be revoked for various reasons. The ministry also said that “in no cases was the issuing of a gun licence refused on the basis of an official well-founded suspicion of Islamism.”

“Of course, it’s not as if Islamists need an official gun permit to carry out their bad deeds. The vast majority of their weapons are still being acquired illegally. Nevertheless, I find it irresponsible to allow Islamists to carry weapons legally, while it has become increasingly difficult for law-abiding sport shooters and hunters to possess firearms for years,” added Markus Wagner.

All this could happen in Germany despite the strict criteria in place for possessing a firearm in the country. According to the law, only those individuals who have not been convicted in the last ten years, have not been members of organisations or groups declared unconstitutional or banned, and have not been taken into police custody in the past five years, can obtain a legal firearms permit. Furthermore, those under the age of 25 applying for their first gun licence must obtain an official certificate from a public health officer or psychologist that they are mentally fit to carry a firearm.

The law also states that citizens must detail in their application for the licence why they want to possess a weapon. The justification must include whether they need to obtain the licence for personal or economic reasons. Persons who are at an uncommonly high risk of becoming victims of crime are to be considered as having a personal need for a firearm.

Members of shooting associations and clubs can also substantiate the need for a gun licence by submitting official certificates from the associations, confirming that the applicant needs a firearm in order to preserve and continue their traditions.

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