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France: Teenagers threaten and terrorise communities

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By: V4 Agency

In a major city, two minors terrorised students and teachers, threatening to attack them with assault rifles. Police officers in a town near the capital arrested another teenager for disclosing an officer’s address on social media platforms.

Juvenile crime is cause for growing concern in France, with authorities arresting an underage offender nearly every single day. According to the news portal Actu17.fr , the special unit of the French police force (BAC) took two minors into custody in Lyon for threatening some students and a teacher in front of a school building. Staff at the Lycee International de Lyon in Place de Montreal alerted police because the two teenagers were harassing some students and a teacher outside the building, threatening to attack them with weapons. According to the news portal’s report, the perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol and are not students of the school. They fled the scene before police arrived, but were later found by the special unit in a park, beating a man. The assaulted man is a teacher from another school, and according to him, the youths attacked him for no reason. The teens were remanded in custody and an investigation was launched by the municipal police.

In the Val-d’Oise department, near the capital, a teenager was detained for posting the home address of a police officer of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) on social media. The police union Alliance 95 also reported the incident on Twitter, saying the 17-year-old was identified within 48 hours. The teen was taken into custody and will remain in pre-trial detention until his trial.

Alliance 95 police union secretary Audrey Vagner said the incident should be taken extremely seriously as the teenager had put the officer’s life in danger by publishing his address.

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