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European Central Bank ex-chief to form government

By: V4 Agency

The president made the announcement on Tuesday evening, after the ruling coalition partners failed to form a majority.

On Tuesday evening, Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella outlined two options: swift formation of a new government or early elections.

Mr Mattarella underlined, however, that immediate and rapid action is needed to manage the pandemic-induced health and economic crisis, which can only be done by a government with full decision-making power and would not be possible during an election campaign.Mattarellahas called on all political forces to back the formation of a government capable to tackle the situation.

According to some news, former European Central Bank President Mario Draghicould be mandated to head a technical government. Press reports suggest that Draghi will present his proposal for a cabinet when he meets the president on Wednesday.

Surveys show that if new elections were held, the centre-right forces would easily win over the government parties weakened by the governmental crisis.

Matteo Salvini reacted to the situation on social media. The leader of the Lega party quoted the first amendment to the constitution, which sets out that the decision over the fate of the country should be made by the people.

Giorgia Meloni, president of the Italian Brothers (FdI) party wrote in a post that “it would definitely be better to give Italians a chance to vote, which would result in a government with a strong majority, ensuring courageous answers to Italy’s situation.”

The Italian government crisis erupted on January 13 when Matteo Renzi recalled the ministers of his party, Living Italy (IV). Former Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte resigned on 26 January. Attempts were made to keep the government together, first by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, then House of Representatives Speaker Roberto Fico, but all negotiations proved fruitless.


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