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Éric Zemmour: Is it possible to send the illegals back?

Éric Zemmour’s reaction to the reduction in visas for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia: “Today I come to the sudden decision by the government of Emmanuel Macron to drastically reduce visas for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.”

Here is the complete text of the video in German translation:

Hello, everyone! No, it has nothing to do with the presidential election, nothing to do with what I’ve been saying for months. But yes, sir, what do we think of you? Of course, the negotiations dragged on for months. You’ve been talking about this for a year. And then all of a sudden it happens. Well, let’s see. Let’s be serious for once. For years. We have been told that it is absolutely impossible to force governments to take back their illegal citizens. They refuse to sign the famous consular passports that would allow us to send them back. And then suddenly we discover that there is indeed leverage that we have all rejected for years, and we have labeled the people who said there is leverage as extremists. Well no Suddenly, the moderate government of Emmanuel Macron is adopting the extremists’ methods, in this case reducing the number of visas for nationals of countries that do not want to take back their illegal immigrants. That’s fine. We will wait until this measure is actually implemented, but at least in principle we congratulate Gabriel Attal and Emmanuel Macron. But now that I have been inaugurated by Gabriel Attal, who inspired Emmanuel Macron’s policies, I will be generous to him and offer him further measures to reduce migratory flows and to repatriate the illegal immigrants who are never returned and their numbers in France 400,000 to 800,000 is estimated.

The first, the first, in line with the measure just taken, of course. The visas are reduced. We could also reduce or even eliminate the official development aid we pay to these countries. We could also block the transfer of money from guest workers to their countries of origin. We could block them. We could tax them. Yes, there are ways to put pressure on these countries to take back their illegal immigrants. And then, for example, we should do our part of the job. First of all, the famous Valls Decree, which makes it possible to discreetly legalize thousands upon thousands of illegals, should be abolished. Successive governments have done so since 2015, the date of this circular. Legalization of about 30. 000 illegals a year this way. Nobody knows what is going on. And then we could send all isolated minors, most of whom we know are neither minors nor isolated, back to their families. Incidentally, the King of Morocco himself admitted that he could very well take them back. Children are only in better hands with their parents. These are the basic principles.

And then we could go on like this, for example. For example, all foreigners who have applied for a visa in France would have to leave a deposit of 10,000 euros. The Americans do it, so do other countries if they don’t leave, and they would pay for their own repatriation, which is dear to us. In this sense, we should also ask the companies to pay for the illegal immigrants they hire, because that costs us a lot of money anyway. So you see, there are many things, many things to do with the illegals problem. I remember the debatte between Mr Darmanin and Mrs Le Pen a few months ago. Mr. Darmanin was proud, almost glad, that he had passed out, and Mrs. Le Pen was unable to tell him anything and advise him what to do? It was the debate of powerlessness and ignorance. We are far from that now. On the contrary, we have to be the land of power today that absolutely finds the means to send home a maximum of illegal immigrants. When that is done, we will move on to the next step, which is the issue of legal immigration. See you soon.

Source: YouTube


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