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Sunday, December 10, 2023

EC president is pursuing a pro-immigration policy

By: V4 Agency

Minister Gergely Gulyas, in charge of the Hungarian prime minister’s office, expressed his disappointment in Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the Union Address in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

In his statement to the Hungarian state news agency (MTI), Gergely Gulyas said the European Commission president left out speaking about the most important issue in her Wednesday speech, by not outlining any plans or offering any solutions to thwart Europe’s diminishing significance in the world.

The minister said that instead of aiming to protect Europe’s borders and stopping illegal immigration, the EC president is pursuing a pro-migration policy. The Commission led by Ms von der Leyen is overstepping its scope of authority when it intervenes in the child and family protection legislation of member states, he said. Mr Gulyas called it intolerable that the EC president talks of a successful management of the coronavirus crisis “while only certain countries have access to the EU pandemic crisis recovery funds and others are denied this.”

Minister Gulyas pointed out that the Commission broke its promise made to those member states, including Hungary, who supported the establishment of a recovery fund despite their principled reservations.


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