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Dennis Prager: PM Orban was right to refuse taking in countless Middle Easterners

By: V4 Agency

American radio host and author Dennis Prager says Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was right in not taking in countless people from the Middle East.

Mr Prager, who arrived in Hungary for the festival of the Matthias Corvinus Collegium (MMC) [a private multidisciplinary institution of education], said in an interview with Hungary’s public service radio (MR1) that Viktor Orban did not make this decision out of hatred for Middle Eastern people, but because accepting a foreign culture into a country has an impact on that country’s own culture.

At the moment, the belief that Western culture can be saved is stronger in Hungary than in Germany or in the US, he emphasized, adding that

“the US and Western Europe are no longer the pillars of the West. If I’m looking for saving, I look to the east.”

Regarding Hungary being called homophobic, the radio personality said there is no conservative in the world who hasn’t been called homophobic or racist by the leftists. The left wing does not substantiate its claims, they merely “fling names at people” to ostracise and condemn them, he said.

In Mr Prager’s view, there is no need for sexual education in primary schools as it is the responsibility of adults to protect children’s innocence.

Dennis Prager mentioned that this was his fifth trip to Hungary and that in contrast to his previous visits, Hungarians seemed the most happy now. People were friendly, which is usually a measure of happiness, he added.

Regarding the political situation in the US, Mr Prager said that if Republicans regain the majority in the 2022 Congressional elections, that could be the starting point of a turnaround. Dennis Prager sees the US as being more divided than during the Civil War, explaining that there is a right-wing and a left-wing America, and that they have nothing in common. He admitted that lately he has even started to wonder whether Hungary is currently more free than the US.


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