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Democrats apply double standards to riots

By: V4 Agency

A group of Donald Trump supporters broke into the US Capitol building yesterday. Four people lost their lives during the siege. Riots became a part of everyday life in the United States last year, but violent movements are interpreted by a double standard.

A group of protesters broke into the US Capitol building Wednesday night at Central European Time, interrupting the House of Representatives and Senate sessions set to confirm Joe Biden as the next president. The siege was preceded by Donald Trump’s speech in which he stated in front of supporters, that he would never acknowledge his defeat, or concede the presidential election victory to Joe Biden.

President Donald Trump called on his followers to remain peaceful and go home in vain; demonstrators did not heed his request. Moreover, Facebook deleted Trump’s video calling for peace from his account.

Four people lost their lives in the clash, including US Air Force veteran Ashli ​​Babbitt. Babbit was shot inside the Capitol and died later in hospital.

Violent protests have become a part of everyday life in America for months. According to a study published by Princeton University in September, there had been 570 violent riots at 220 locations throughout the US in the past three months.

However, Democratic Party politicians blatantly apply double standards when it comes to viewing riots. The atrocities by activists from the radical left, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, are treated completely differently than the events on Wednesday.

Last year, Jerry Nadler, chairman of the Judiciary Committee of Congress with a Democratic majority, said that Antifa is “a myth that’s only being spread in Washington DC”.

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden, whose win was certified by Congress after violence had ended, talked about Antifa being only “an idea, not an organisation.” Donald Trump promised a peaceful transition.

Vice president-elect Kamala Harris, who is on friendly terms with George Soros’s family, promoted an organisation on her Twitter account that was involved in the release of arrested violent protesters.

In an interview, Harris said “everyone beware, because protests were not going to stop.”

Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi tried to put responsibility on Donald Trump, accusing the president of encouraging people to make matters worse.

In contrast, the above politicians assumed a completely different approach to Wendesday’s events.

Biden said that American democracy was under unprecedented assault. He called on the protesters to put an end to violence immediately. He also urged President Trump to go on national television to defend the Constitution.

Kamala Harris also called for an end to violence.

Nancy Pelosi, whose home has recently been vandalised with fake blood and a pig’s head, said that American democracy had suffered a shameful assault.


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