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Daughter taken into care after parents reject gender change

By: V4 Agency

The girl whose parents did not consent to her gender change was exposed to mental abuse at home, according to authorities. The child was taken into care and the parents face pressure to allow their daughter’s testosterone treatment.

After the parents rejected the tenets of gender ideology, their 15-year-old daughter was taken into care. In the assessment of the authorities, the teenage girl was at risk and exposed to mental abuse at home, just because her parents have failed to consent to their daughter’s self-declared trans identity and allow her to undergo a series of irreversible gender reassignment procedures.

Police removed the teenage girl from her home in Australia and placed her in state care. Then, in October this year, a court ruled that the teenager cannot return home because she would be in danger, and there was also a risk that she could do harm to herself.

The parents say they knew their daughter had been depressed and in need of help, so they wanted wanted an independent psychologist to consider all possible underlying causes, not just gender issues, and to look into non-invasive treatment options. The mother says that her daughter had a hard time starting puberty and also had some issues regarding her body image.

The father says he was told by the authorities that it’s dangerous for their daughter to return to their house because they – the parents – did not allow her to change gender. Authorities want them to agree to her testosterone treatment, the father added. The parents filed an appeal in November and they are still awaiting a second opinion on their daughter’s planned gender swap.

In British Columbia, a mother came into the focus of attention by protesting against her daughter’s gender reassignment procedure. Her 17-year-old daughter wanted to have her breasts removed, but the mother turned to the Supreme Court to stop the extreme “body modification procedure”, citing her child’s well-being. The mother feared that her daughter might later regret her rash and irresponsible decision, which the mother believed the girl had made under the influence of “testosterone-induced euphoria.”

The court finally granted an order to delay the medically unjustified intervention by a month, which expired on 27 November.

In an earlier interview, the child’s mother explained that children at school are being taught “propaganda,” that they are free to change gender and that if they decide to have their breasts removed, they will become boys. This, however, is not the kind of help young people need, she said.

Another problem is the legal regulations, which makes it possible for children to keep their parents out of their secrets. The mother has also initiated proceedings against her child’s family doctor for prescribing testosterone without seeking the permission of the child’s guardian.


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