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Coca-Cola urges its employers to be “less white”

LinkedIn course screenshot (Photo: Twitter)

By A.S.

Anti-White agenda and hysteria are reaching new heights these days with everything being labeled “racist”, and there is even talk about the “unconscious racism”. Everything to do with white people is somehow connected with “racism” or “oppression”. The white people being the oppressors, of course. One such instance of anti-white agenda was a recent diversity training for Coca-Cola employers, where they would ask to be “less white”.

As a part of diversity training, the employers of Coca-Cola were asked to be less white. The footage of this training leaked in public with the help of a “whistleblower”. The training course was titled “Confronting Racism”, and was offered by LinkedIn Education.

The online training included slides on how to be less white. One slide said: In the U.S. and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white«. This was followed by suggestions to be less white. According to the training, to be less white means to be less oppressive, arrogant, certain, defensive, ignorant, and to be more humble, to listen, to believe, and so on.

The course was made public by Karlyn Borysenko who tweeted the screenshots of the LinkedIn training, which were sent to her by an anonymous internal whistleblower. Allegedly Coca-Cola said that the course was “required” for its employees. The course has been removed from LinkedIn since, and Coca-Cola denied it was mandatory, while multiple workers claim it was, according to Borysenko.

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