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Christmas tree has no place in Muslim district, Vienna migrants say

By: V4 Agency

Videos recorded by police have revealed additional details about migrants wreaking havoc in Vienna on New Year’s Eve.

Disregarding the curfew, some forty youngsters got together in Vienna’s Favoriten district shortly after midnight, and they began rampaging around whouting the words Allahu Akbar.

They set fire to garbage pails, hurled firecrackers, smashed shopwindows and tried to break into a jewellery shop. The migrants also attacked police officers arriving at the scene.

Police records have now revealed additional details regarding the turmoil. A Christmas tree erected in the district was showered with a mixture of diesel and petrol and set ablaze, Austrian news outlet Heute reported.

“A Christmas tree has no place in a Muslim district, one rioter said,” recalled an officer who was on duty during the disturbance.



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