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Budapest: “The threats of the left are intolerable”

Photo: István Mirkó / Magyar Nemzet


The agreement between the two founders of the Council of the European Union for Civil Cooperation (EUCET), the Forum of the Citizens’ Association (CÖF) and the Club of Gazeta Polska, is the closest European cooperation that can exist, said the EUCET Secretary General elected on Saturday. Zoltán Lomnici also said that the Budapest Peace March on October 23 could be the largest ever held from the Technical University to Andrássy Avenue.
The most important achievement of the Council of the European Union for Civil Cooperation (EUCET), which was founded two years ago, is that, at rapporteur level, we have recruited staff from more than a dozen EU member states for our common cause who are committed to a European Union based on strong nation states, according to Zoltán Lomnici, a constitutional lawyer. The newly elected Secretary General of EUCET stressed that the agreement between the two founders of the European cooperation organisation, the Civil Cohesion Forum (CÖF) and the Gazeta Polska Club, is the closest European cooperation that can exist.

“The European Union must be based on a Europe of nations” Let us not forget that groups with sovereignist, national-conservative Christian values are demonstrably at a disadvantage in the European political area today. In comparison, we are almost shocked that people from Spain to Poland, from France to Finland, are supporting our initiative, which in itself is a great success,” says Lomnici.

He also noted that the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee, which deals with rule of law issues, used to invite representatives of the CÖF to its meetings, but these gestures have now been stopped, disrupting the already fragile balance in the EU institutions.

The constitutional lawyer also pointed out that current EU policies show the legitimacy of the organization: “While national consultations or referendums work well in our country, Western Europe seems to make direct democratic institutions increasingly impossible. It is therefore not surprising that the European Commission in Brussels is simply ignoring the “Minority Safe Pack” initiative for the rights of national minorities and other proposals that it should deal with on a regular basis. Zoltán Lomnici explained that the committee, chaired by László Csizmadia, plans to set up an office in Brussels and stay in touch with European sovereign NGOs.

The largest ever expected number of Mneschen on the Budapest Peace March

He also said that the organizers realistically assume that the largest peace demonstration of all time will take place on October 23. The CÖF-CÖKA spokesman recalled that according to the memories of András Bencsik, the first peace march in 2012 was planned with 30,000 to 50,000 people, but in comparison – citing a left-wing press report from the time – the streets of Budapest were filled with endless crowds.

In a spirit of dignity and respect for the memory of the victims of 1956

As the conferences on the future of the European Union approach, Brussels must be given the message that it cannot ignore the many Hungarian people who have fought for an independent, strong and free Hungary in the past, in the present and in the future. The other message of the march is addressed to the darker, more intransigent left opposition than ever before, which has recently not only been engaged in political debates with the national right, but also threatens its leaders and members physically, psychologically and existentially. “This is unbearable,” Lomnici said. In response to our question, the constitutional lawyer also commented on the primaries of the left, which he described as a circus in which nothing is at stake, which is disingenuous and unpredictable in terms of legal guarantees.

– They ignore voters at home and especially abroad, repeatedly insulting the Hungarian people, said Zoltán Lomnici, who said that even with much stricter legal guarantees, it is unrealistic that this institution can establish itself in our country.

It is very likely that the Hungarian left, like many other European examples that have gone wrong, will not opt for this solution in the long term. However, it is unclear how the process itself will be financed, how the individual candidates campaign and what will happen to the voters, whose data may be stored on foreign servers. “The examples from abroad, especially from overseas, show that those who participate in similar pre-election processes are taken much more seriously and protected,” the EUCET Secretary General added.

Source: Magyar Nemzet

Invitation to the rally 23 October – Budapest

On 23 October, we will take to the streets once again, because 65 years ago we witnessed some of the most heroic moments in our history. It is our duty to pay tribute to our heroes and martyrs, but we must not ignore the increasingly violent rise of the left.

Recently, right-wing journalists, activists and supporters have been attacked on several fronts for not following the rules of political correctness. They have refused to act as right-wingers according to the rules of the left.

Unfortunately, in none of these cases have the attacks been met with solidarity from the whole of the right, so on 23 October we will not only be paying tribute to our ancestors, but we will be protesting against the fact that, in spite of its irreparable historical sins, in 2021 the left will not only have a say in public life, but will even find a partner in gay conservatives.

We welcome all those who truly understand the message of the Pedestrians and are ready to continue their struggle in the present.

The event will feature speakers from the right-wing organisations of the Dextrum Forum Roundtable:

Béla Incze – Légió Hungária, Board Member

Zsolt Tyirityán – Betyársereg, leader

Barcsa-Turner Gábor – Hatvannégy Vármegye Youth Movement, co-leader

Meeting point: Clark Ádám Square (Budapest, 1st district), 23 October 2021 at 17:30

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