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Budapest: Fourth graders “benefit” from LGBTQP awareness


Over the past twenty years, various LGBTQP organizations have secretly invaded schools, avoiding government controls, drawing the self-image of hundreds, if not thousands, of children and perhaps even permanently ruining their lives. Several Hungarian schools regularly held such “awareness-raising events”. The most recent case, which only recently came to light, goes beyond the scope in that a program on the subject of “deviance” was held here for the students of the 4th grade.
The LGBTQP “sensitizations” have one thing in common: the schools or the organizing teachers do not inform the parents about these events in order to avoid any resistance, so that the students are forced to participate anyway, because of course they do not dare to leave these brainwashing programs on their own, knowing full well that they can later be stigmatized for it.

A fourth-grader will not contradict his teacher, who is an authority for him, and considers everything that comes from him to be good.

This was exploited by a high school in the XIII district of Budapest. According to press reports, a substitute teacher from the above-mentioned institution brought the fourth-grade students a publication of the lesbian association “Labris”, the LGBTQ “sensitizing” fairy tale book “Fairytale Land for All”, supported by George Soros, to familiarize the students with “being different”. The teacher had not informed the school or the parents in advance about her action.

One parent whose daughter was brainwashed said:

“We found this out by chance. My daughter pointed to the cover of a storybook in a newspaper called “Fairytale Land for All” and said, “I know this story, we watched and read it at school.” I’m totally freaked out! If it hadn’t been during the summer holidays, I would have gone to school, but it was already school holidays and the last days of the school year were over. What dismays me most is that this has happened without our knowledge and without us being asked. In addition, the content of the book was not explained in any way by the substitute teacher, so that the children were completely alone in the face of the new information. Fortunately, I had already talked to my daughter about the topic on her own intellectual and emotional level, so she didn’t hear about it through LGBTQ propaganda, but it’s still very uncomfortable.”

Source: Szent Korona Rádió


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