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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

British police force present new Muslim female police uniform which doesn’t show the female form

The West Yorkshire Police have had a more modest uniform for its female Muslim officers designed. The uniform is loose-fitting ‘designed not to show female form’ with a looser tunic in hopes of recruiting more female officers from ethnic minorities.

In a statement regarding the new uniform, they have said they are open to suggestions from ‘all communities’ on uniform styles. The hijab or headscarf has already become a part of Muslim officers throughout the UK, but this is the first ever design of its kind.

Pc Firzana Ahmed was the first female Muslim officer to wear the new uniform and has reported ‘positive feedback from the local community’ in Bradford.

Concerns about the existing uniform’s design could be preventing some women to sign up, according to Chief Constable Dee Collins. It is hoped that the new uniform will help improve the numbers of black and minority ethnic recruits (BAME).

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