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Brainwashed school children say the future is ‘the left’ and ‘the right’ means death

A project at a school in Finland resulted in a poster that relates right-wing politics with death and left-wing politics with the future of their country.

The main subject of the ‘hate campaign’ are members of the right-wing Finns party, Laura Huhtasaari and leader Jussi Halla-aho. Both politicians’ pictures were placed beneath the description of death.

”Several students have contacted me and said that teachers at the school engage in hate speech and incite and encourage hatred towards democratically-elected politicians. This is happening at primary and upper secondary schools,” Huhtasaari tweeted on Sunday.

But her tweet led to a storm as Huhtasaari added the project’s photo, which features names, to her tweet. While mainstream media focus on the Finns Party member’s ‘mistake’, Huhtasaari gives more examples of how children are brainwashed.

You can read the article here!


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