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BLM: We are terrorized at a greater rate than under Trump

By: V4 Agency

The Black Lives Matter movement has sharply criticized US President Joe Biden on Twitter, in strong disapproval of the fact that the Democratic president is an ally of police.

It seems that US President Joe Biden only took seriously the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement during his campaign. Last year he said in response to a question that he can “absolutely” imagine redirecting some police funding.

In contrast, he said this February that US law enforcement could protect citizens in high-crime neighbourhoods “By, number one, not defunding the police.”

Biden let go of BLM’s hand last year. Patrisse Cullors, the leader of the anarchist movement sent a letter to him and VP Kamala Harris, congratulating them on behalf of the whole Black Lives Matter community, before setting out their demands and the group’s agenda.

The issues outlined as part of BLM’s agenda have, however, left the two politicians unimpressed, and no meeting has since taken place. In addition, President Biden has a discussion with civil rights leaders on racial justice issues last December, but BLM was not invited for that meeting. Of course, all this did not go unnoticed by the Black Lives Matter movement, which posted an angry message on social media, lamenting that although they are the largest social and justice movement in history, they were uninvited. Thhis is unacceptable, the group said, adding that they also deserved a seat at the table.

BLM continues to harbour a grudge against Joe Biden. Their major demand for the president is to “demilitarize” their neighbourhoods. In their view, black communities are being “terrorized” at a greater rate under the current president than under former president Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, BLM called on Biden to end the 1033 programme, also known as the Law Enforcement Support Office, that allows the transfer of excess military equipment to local law enforcement agencies across the country. These supplies can range from weapons to ordinary coffee makers, electric cables or cargo tanks.


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