Anna Donath, Hungarian MEP, has had several informal conversations and phone calls with European Commission VP Vera Jourova, who has launched regular attacks against Hungary

(Photo: V4 Agency)

A leaked video has exposed the lies of a European liberal MEP. During a recent public debate the politician denied that she had regular consulations with a vice president of the European Commission. However, in an internal video conference she is seen bragging about this.

Anna Donath, an MEP of the Hungarian Momentum party  has had several informal conversations and phone calls with European Commission VP Vera Jourova, who has launched regular attacks against Hungary, and she is also in regular contact with French Green MEP Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield – aka the the “new Sargentini” – who is the rapporteur of the Article 7 proceedings against Hungary. Ms Donath bragged about this herself to her party colleagues during an internal video conference.

The footage has added significance, because before it was leaked, Ms Donath – during a public debate with Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga – had denied ever having conferred or consulted with Vera Jourova. When the television host asked Ms Donath the question “did Momentum consult with Ms Jourova?”, she replied: “I don’t consult with Ms Jourova. Why would we have done that?”

In the recently leaked footage broadcast by Hungary’s HirTV, Ms Donath explains that her work is particularly hard, because the politicians she spoke to (and Ursula von der Leyen) did not want to condemn Hungary.

“… they are unwilling to go beyond this, or to make politically condemning statements. That is why the Hungarian (…) can twist the words of either Ms Von der Leyen or Vera Jourova in many cases. There have been, however, quite a few informal phone calls and discussions, not only with them [Vera Jourova and Ursula von der Leyen], but also with the new [Judith] Sargentini, French green MEP Gwendoline Delbos, who takes over the Hungarian issue… Overall, I must say that my work was 90% successful,” Ms Donath says, basically acknowledging that the report on Hungary was dictated by Hungary’s left-wing MEPs, besides Soros’s people, according to the Hungarian Origo news site.

Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga, who sat opposite Ms Donath when she lied about the truth, reacted to the leaked footage on her social media.

“So, how is this?” she asked in her post.

“In our live and televised debate, Momentum MEP Anna Donath denies in front of the whole world that she has frequent consultations with Commission VP Vera Jourova about Hungary and that she has anything to do with Brussels’s concerted attacks against Hungary,” JM Varga says, adding that in Momentum’s recently surfaced internal video Ms Donath is seen bragging about “being in constant informal contact with te successor of Judith Sargentini in the European Parliament, and has informal discussions with Vera Jourova every three days in a bid to achieve that the Hungarian government’s decisions have political consequences. In the leaked footage she even adds that there were many informal phone calls and discussions in order to save EU politicians from scoring ‘own goals’.”

So “this is how it looks when someone represents Brussels’s interests both in Brussels and in Budapest. But, of course, she does not dare to openly admit it (yet),” the minister adds.

“I only ask quietly: why does someone want to save others from scoring an own goal when she can’t even save herself from doing so,” Ms Varga’s post concludes.