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Andrea Haugen and David Amess: Victims of Islamism and the Complicity of Political Correctness

Andrea Haugen & David Amess · Image Credit: El Correo de España

By José Papparelli
On the night of October 13, a man armed with a bow and arrow killed five people and injured three others in Kongsberg, Norway. Espen Andersen Bråthen, the murderer, is a 37-year-old Dane who converted to Islam. In a video, he can be seen threateningly preaching his faith and warning: “I am a messenger. I came with a warning: Is this really what you want? (…) You are witnesses that I am a Muslim.” This makes him an Islamist terrorist and his act a jihadist attack. Obviously, it was not the act of a sick person who “may have mental health problems”, as is repeatedly claimed by the media in such cases and corresponds to the mandate of political correctness.

Among the five victims was a woman, the talented artist, neofolk musician with gothic and metallic allures and researcher of Nordic pagan culture, Andrea Haugen, also known as the “Fog Witch”.

Two days after the attack in Norway, on Friday, October 15, Ali Harbi Ali, 25, a Somali with British citizenship, stabbed 69-year-old British MP David Amess to stabbing. The Spanish daily La Vanguardia published the news on its Twitter account: “David Amess, who was stabbed to death today at a political event, was a conservative Eurosceptic, Catholic, anti-abortion activist and activist for the rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals, a supporter of the death penalty and very far to the right on social issues. Nothing was reported about the motives, origin or religion of the murderer.

The press, once the fourth estate, today serves the absolute power of the globalist goals of the individual discourse. This shameful episode in dealing with the news is another example of the immoral replacement of journalistic information by ideological propaganda in the service of the enemies of the West.

Within hours, in the heart of Europe, a British Somali naturalized and a Norwegian convert to Islam meet in their hatred of the values of Western civilization, which is the heritage of Greek thought, Roman law and faith in the Holy Land. Four women and two men, including a conservative politician and a Scandinavian people’s artist, have fallen victim to them. Its executioners, Islamic terrorists, a man of European and African origin, are united by the totalitarian and theocratic ideology of their religion. This sums up the current problem of Europe: the collapse of its borders, which paves the way for the advance of its secular foreign enemies, and the collapse of its values, manifested in spiritual suicide by accepting a theology and ideology incompatible with the millennia-old culture of Europe.

In Europe, there is a clear population, cultural, religious, ethical and moral exchange. The murder of Andrea Haugen and David Amess, with all its disturbing nuances, sums up one of the targets to be eliminated by Islamism and its Western allies: an artist who is uncomfortable because of her pagan orientation, and a man who is despicable because he is Catholic and conservative. They were Europe, but Europe sleeps the sleep of the righteous while suffering from the deadly onslaught of those who hate it. May the victims rest in peace.

This article first appeared on EL CORREO DE ESPAÑA, our partner in EUROPEAN MEDIA COOPERATION.

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