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Activist decorates Christmas tree with tool used for abortions

By: V4 Agency

An employee at an abortion clinic has proudly tweeted a photo of his decorated Christmas tree. The tree topper was a pair of forceps used for abortion procedures.

“It is literally impossible to top our topper”, Michael Saenz wrote on social media. The pro-abortion activist was right in that the topper was extreme, but in a very negative sense: the Christmas tree was decorated with a pair of forceps used to perform abortions.

The man reprtedly works for CARE, an organisation running clinics that perform late abortions on women in Maryland and Nebraska. The shocking picture has since been removed from Saenz’s Twitter, and later his Twitter account has also been disabled.

It’s not the first such tweet Saenz has shared on his social media, Summit News writes. His Twitter profile is also linked to We are Pro-Abortion, a company that sells clothes with messages such as “abortions are magical” and “abortions today tomorrow and forevermore.”

The picture has prompted numerous reactions online, with some simply describing the abortion industry as awful. Others pointed to the controversy that Michael Saenz seemed to be celebrating the birth of Jesus with “this implement used to dismembe babies in the womb.”


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