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Aborted foetuses to be protected

By: V4 Agency

The draft bill on the dignity of unborn babies aims to make the burial of aborted foetuses mandatory, instead of being dumped as medical waste.

A draft bill in the US state of Pennsylvania legislature will mandate the burial of miscarried and aborted babies. The proposed act states that the unborn are legally due and endowed with the right to full human dignity. The bill is now in the state senate for debate.

The act is needed to stop the current practice of institutions performing the procedure from discarding aborted foetuses along with medical waste. This would also give mothers the opportunity to bury their baby in the event of miscarriage.

An abortion survivor – Melissa Ohden
An abortion survivor – Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden should have been born dead after her biological mother had an abortion, yet she was born alive….


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