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Why is Milović, who advises the Prime Minister personally, a security threat for Slovenia

By: Davorin Kopše

Both the security system and the protection of persons and property are multifaceted areas of expertise. Not even all members of the police are qualified to carry out these activities, let alone the protected persons themselves, as Robert Golob does. Another important segment in the structures of security planners and operators is the security reliability of individuals who, in addition to their qualifications, are also properly checked according to special standards and procedures.

Prime Minister Robert Golob, on the basis of whisperers, succumbed to Miloš Njegoslav Milović’s offer to organise and lead a personal security team for him. In any case, the final decision-maker was the Prime Minister, who in this case should not have been. Why? Because he does not know much about this field, which makes him not competent for it either. That he made the decision despite this is confirmed by his statement that he was furious when he saw the photos of his children in the media, and he added that he would do everything to protect them and that he would not negotiate with anyone in this regard. Funny, because he took the children on a business trip by himself and at his own risk. Someone just took a picture of them. So, taking pictures in a public place is not a security problem at all.

It later turned out that Milović was also connected to structures in other ministries. As someone who is not employed in the state or public administration, he appeared as a phantom in the following ministries: health, public administration, finance, environment, defence, and probably somewhere else, but the public has not yet found out. Everywhere he interfered in security matters in one way or another. Some ministers are now making the excuse that Milović came to them on his own initiative. Maybe, but someone had to accept him. And please, ministers do not just accept someone who says they would like to advise them on security matters. Or it is worse than it seems.

According to known information, Milović cooperated with Golob long before the elections, which indicates that he wandered around the ministries with the reference that he cooperates with Golob. In addition to the aspect of security, this type of activity or circumstance is also very controversial from the point of view of Slovenian legislation, according to the ministries. This does not allow the establishment of groups or units for the protection of high-ranking representatives of the authorities or facilities outside the police or the army. If the law does not specify something, even the highest representative of the executive power, i.e., the Prime Minister, cannot specify it. The problem is the insight itself or other familiarisation with the security plans.

Classified information

Definition: Secret information is a fact or means from the body’s work area that relates to public safety, defence, foreign affairs, or intelligence and security activities of the country and must be protected from unauthorised persons and is marked as secret. The levels of secrecy are determined on the basis of an assessment of whether there could be any harmful consequences for the functioning of state bodies or the state as a whole by informing uninvited persons (in particular, see Articles 5 and 11 of the Secret Information Act).

Uninvited persons are all those persons who do not have permission to access classified information and/or do not have any official need to be familiar with classified information. Permission to access secret data can primarily be obtained by employees of the public administration, and outside of it there are only exceptions who contractually cooperate with state authorities in certain areas and must become familiar with secret data due to their work.

Milović is not entitled to access classified information

According to the assurances of Prime Minister Robert Golob, Milović is neither employed nor has any contract for cooperation with the Government, the General Secretariat of the Government, or any ministry.

Nevertheless, he wanders around government premises and ministries, where he snoops on security protocols, which, according to what was previously written, are secret. All security plans, plans for the protection of persons and facilities should be marked with a certain level of secrecy. The level depends on the reach of harmful consequences upon disclosure to unauthorised persons.

Therefore, Milović has not and cannot even be verified according to the rules and procedures that apply to verification when obtaining permission to access classified data, let alone that he would have permitted access. Since even the Minister of the Interior and the Director General of the Police Milović introduced himself as the head of the Prime Minister’s security, it is more than obvious that he personally represents a security threat of the highest level. It is also needless to say that impersonating an official or military person is a criminal offense under Article 305 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Slovenia. The Prime Minister is not just Robert Golob as a person, he is a representative of the institution called the Government. Someone else will come after him as a representative, but the institution will remain the same.

Protecting protected persons is an activity that ensures the highest possible level of security for protected persons at the system level. As is known, there is no such thing as 100% security, so something can always happen that can threaten the safety of the protected person. In this case, the responsibility borne by each member of the system at its level and in its scope is determined. If any security incident happens in the current situation where the Prime Minister is being protected by some semi-legal formation, it will not be possible to find out in the para-formation who made the crucial mistake. The police have developed procedures for determining responsibility, but Golob-Milović’s group does not have that.

At the top of the pyramid of those responsible is Milović, who formally has nothing to look for there. This means that he is not formally responsible and cannot be held responsible for anything. Only Prime Minister Robert Golob remains in charge, who is politically accountable to the Parliament, which supports him, as no Prime Minister has ever been before. This is true in several areas. Based on this finding, which is a fact, we get a spiral of activity in the country, which under Golob’s government is increasingly pushing us into chaos, consisting of a multitude of threats. In addition to security, these are also the largest in the areas of health, economy, social welfare, and finance.

In fact, it is eerie in its own way that so far only former minister Tatjana Bobnar has resisted all this in Golob’s government. After her loyalty and opportunism in the beginning, in the end she could not stand the blatant illegalities and became a victim of herself. I personally hope that she has not yet said the last word in the direction of exposing the scumbags and illegality in the pigeon house.


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