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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

What the American left has been doing to Trump in recent years, the Slovenian left has been doing to Janša for more than three decades (or how in Slovenia and the USA journalists and media receive “more prestigious” guild awards for selling false stories about Janša and Trump)

By: Kavarna Hayek

The goal of the Washington establishment, the American deep state and the progressive media is to prevent Donald Trump from running in the 2024 election at any cost and possibly send him to prison. Hence the countless fake news and incitement and numerous accusations and investigations to find at least some of his guilt (the FBI raided Trump’s estate today because he allegedly hid documents from the White House, which could have prevented the candidacy). So far, always unsuccessful, which does not stop the media from making up stories and ever new conspiracy theories and attacking Trump on all fronts.

Does the scenario sound familiar? At least somewhat domestic? You are not wrong. Just remember the fabricated constructs and politically motivated affairs: from Depala vas to the Australian clinic and arms trade to Patria and Trenta. All the cases were dropped because there was no material evidence. It turned out that they were a political construct (nevertheless, Janša had to go to prison for a few months in 2014). The media spiced everything up with venomous attacks on Janša’s family, especially his wife Urška Bačovnik Janša.

It is the same with Trump. Shortly after the victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, the media, with the help of ‘reliable sources’, sold the public a fabricated story that he got to the White House with the help of Russia. The conspiracy theory (or hoax) led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, who spent two years torturing Trump on the case. Although the investigation did not reveal any collusion with Moscow, the media and leftists continued to spread lies.

In addition to the constant humiliation of Trump’s wife Melanie and other family members, this was followed by a series of hair-raising accusations: from doubts about his business achievements before entering politics to claims that Trump is a fascist, a bigot and a fool who will cause World War III. Nothing happened, the world was safe and peaceful during his presidency as never before, the USA did not get involved in any war. However, journalists from the New York Times and the Washington Post were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for their lies about Trump, manipulation, and the spread of conspiracy theories about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

A story like you have already heard somewhere and even watched it live. It is true. A similar case happened in Slovenia. The prosecutors and judges who prosecuted and convicted Janša were rewarded with promotions or better-paid jobs, although the charges and verdicts against the SDS president were later dropped. And fake media? Take a look at who won the awards of the Society of Journalists of Slovenia during the period surrounding the fabricated affairs, and everything will become clear to you. I am not even talking about jumping from the ranks of journalists to the PR services of left-wing political parties or even directly into politics. However, there is a difference between Slovenian and American journalists and the media. While someone with a conscience can be found across the pond (New York Times columnist Bret Stephens admitted that the media, intelligence agencies and the Democratic Party deliberately spread false information that created the false story about Trump’s collusion with the Russians), none of those who knowingly spread lies about Janša have apologised on their own (if by any chance I missed it, I apologise). There were apologies, but these were ordered by the court. No one had a bad conscience.


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