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Prime Minister Janša presented a programme for a victorious Slovenia in a 150-second challenge

By: Tanja Brkić / Nova24tv

“We have done a lot in two years, imagine how much we can do in four years,” said the President of the Slovenian Democratic Party and Prime Minister Janez Janša in his address on Twitter. In the video, he presented the SDS programme for the period 2022–2026 for “victorious Slovenia” in 150 seconds in the accepted challenge.

In the upcoming elections, when Slovenia’s future will once again be in the hands of citizens, SDS President Janez Janša presented the SDS programme in a 150-second video on Twitter, which he said was a “plan for a victorious Slovenia” and called on everyone to vote. The programme is clearly focused on young people and older people and is based on ensuring success in all areas on the way to the goal, namely that Slovenia becomes one of the 15 most economically developed countries in the world, striving for first place in human well-being.

Family – one of the fundamental values

In the Slovene Democratic Party, family is placed high on the scale of values. They believe that the family should be the primary environment in which the individual develops smoothly, gains positive experiences, and values and learns to accept responsibility for their own actions and freedom, because the individual has a positive impact on the development of society. Affirming the central place of man and family and building on the coexistence of generations is therefore of paramount importance in the plan. To help create young families, the SDS will provide a universal child allowance and other financial incentives for a new-born child in the next term, as well as additional care when buying the first property for additional assistance in tax relief.

Care for all generations

The SDS has prepared a plan for both younger and older generations, as young people will be provided with enough promising jobs and will not look for their future abroad, as most highly qualified staff have done so far. Moreover, it will be easier for them to find their own housing, especially after the Housing Guarantee Scheme Act was passed during this term, which will make it easier for many to buy their own home. The elderly will also be taken care of, as the plan also includes the introduction of a state pension and additional income tax relief for seniors.

Additional aid to the economy and agriculture, the potential of Slovenian forests is also used

The Slovenian labour market will be even more competitive, as it will be further relieved, and as a result people will be able to earn more. The SDS believes that the tax system must be simple and that it must inspire confidence in citizens in the partnership between it and the state. Collecting taxes is not a punishment for a citizen, but taxes are his payment for quality services to the state. The tax system must be simple, it must inspire confidence in citizens. To increase efficiency in business, bureaucratic obstacles will be removed, which have been an eternal problem due to the duration of certain procedures, which is an additional positive thing not only for the economic sector but also for the agricultural sector, as redundant administration will be eliminated there as well, and farmers will also be relieved of the tax burden. “Creativity, development, entrepreneurship, innovation will be words of pride,” said Janša. Slovenia boasts huge forests, the potential of which has been neglected in the past, so the SDS president announced in the video that this time the potential of Slovenian forests will be used, which will be just one additional value that will contribute to the success of the Slovenian economy.

Order in healthcare

As the Slovenian healthcare system is facing several problems that pose a problem for the entire society, healthcare is one of the fundamental priorities of the Slovenian Democratic Party in the future. “We will make order in health care; public health will be whole and accessible to all under the same conditions.” As health is a fundamental human right, the Slovenian Democratic Party advocates equal opportunities for health for all social classes, regardless of their place of residence. They are convinced that it is necessary to provide everyone with equal access to public health services.

Restoring the credibility of the judiciary

The basic activities of the state in the field of ensuring internal security are performed by the police and some other state institutions in connection with the judiciary. In this area, in the next term of office, the SDS will continue to provide conditions for successful and effective prevention of the worst forms of crime and other criminal acts, effective and efficient prosecution and punishment of perpetrators of the worst forms of crime and other criminal acts, as “some proceedings take too long”, Janša believes. For the Slovenian public to regain confidence in the judiciary after all these diploma scandals, the SDS president also points to the reform of the judiciary as one of his goals, with an emphasis on the provision of professional education and bar exams.

Strengthening the Slovenian Army

Slovenia is an independent country, which is small in area, but the history of Slovenia proves that quite a bit of blood was shed for its existence, which means that it must be defended.

As times are unpredictable today, as the situation in the world, especially the war in Ukraine, proves, it is necessary to strengthen the strength of our army. Slovenia’s foreign policy will continue to be decisive, pro-European and Euro-Atlantic, and building bridges and good relations with neighbouring countries will also be crucial. “We will take care of our compatriots abroad and around the world and for the minorities of our neighbouring nations.”

Culture will be at the forefront, curriculum updates

To use the full potential of the education system, in the future it will also be connected with the economy, which means providing our economy with the right staff from Slovenian schools. In the light of even more educated and qualified staff in the future, education will also be reformed, and curricula will be updated to encourage creativity, critical thinking, patriotism, digital and financial literacy. By including sports in lessons on a daily basis, a healthy lifestyle of pupils and students will also be promoted.

“Slovenian culture and the Slovenian language will be strengthened pillars of our identity and also self-confident openness to the world,” Janša is convinced. In Slovenian society, culture is even more important, as it played a historical role in activating the national substance, which later grew into a social and political movement for the establishment of their own state.

“In the Slovene Democratic Party, we have Slovenia in our hearts, and we prove it every day, we build a successful safe and sovereign Slovenia, and we invite all people of good will to participate”, concluded Janša in his address and called on people to participate in elections. FOR a victorious Slovenia.


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