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(VIDEO) Agreement and statements that make many people laugh! Comrades, did you forget your debacle last year? Our people save the evidence!

(Photo: Nik Jevšnik / STA)

By: J.S.

The leaders of LMŠ, SD, Levica and SAB parties believe that they can be an alternative to the current government and as such will win a majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections to form a solid government that will return Slovenia to the right path, reports STA. After the signing of the post-election cooperation agreement, they emphasised their commitment to democratic values, the normalisation of the situation and the unification of the nation.

High-flying words, what else. Apparently all four KUL party champions really believe what they say. Or not at all. Let’s look at what Luka Mesec claims. According to him, the new KUL government will have two tasks: It will be right to set up an alternative to Janez Janša’s current “disruptive, far-right policy”, which means, among other things, that it will not “tear down democratic foundations”, insult the nation or attack the media, starve cultural workers or persecute non-governmental people… “It will not be a government that fears the people, but will work in the name and for the people,” he said. On the other hand, “it will have to pave the way for change and not be a status quo government,” he added.

Namely, the agreement is programmatically based on the agreement reached in the context of the construction of the so-called Coalition of the Constitutional Arc (KUL) which was formed by the parties last year and covers four priorities: population health, social solidarity, commitment to sustainable development and European Slovenia based on knowledge and culture. “So this will not only be a non-Janša government, but it will also be an alternative to previous governments,” Mesec said.

Bratušek added concern for a stable business environment in which the economy will operate successfully, while acknowledging that their work, if they take over the country’s leadership, which she believes, will be marked by a historically high budget deficit created under the current government. “We have hard work ahead of us, we will have to return and pay the bills of this government,” she pointed out.

When asked what is different this time from the failed participation of the parties in the government of Marjan Šarec, the latter said that it is different that there are fewer parties, that “those who are leading remained” and that the government that will be formed, will not be a minority. “After the rule of the current government, I do not see anyone reasonable anymore to overthrow the next government,” he said.

Recently it was the Levica party that did not join the government, but first cooperated with it and then withdrew from it. Mesec also pointed out that this time it is an agreement between four equal parties. “These four parties have shown that we can work together and that, despite the differences, we can make enough common ground to form a government,” he said.

Although they claim that everything is different now than in January 2020, the statements below prove that this is not quite the case.

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