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This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory! The List of Soros’s “Reliable Allies in the European Parliament” Was Published by Soros’s Organisation Itself!

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

Many are trying to create the impression in public that the debate on the supporters of billionaire George Soros in the European Parliament is a conspiracy theory. However, a comprehensive list, entitled Reliable allies in the European Parliament (2014–2019), was actually commissioned and published by the well-known billionaire’s Open Society Foundation, which proves that this is not, in fact, just a conspiracy theory. The European Union is clearly nothing more than a mechanism for Soros to promote his neoliberal policies of mass migration without closed borders, same-sex marriage, and so on.

The photo that shows 13 of the 266 known “puppets” of the globalist billionaire George Soros in the European Parliament, which was published in light of the visit of MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld and her European delegation to Slovenia – namely, they came here with the intention of obtaining “a complete and comprehensive picture of both sides” regarding the rule of law, freedom of the media and the fight against corruption – has caused quite a stir. Most likely also due to the fact that the list of puppets also includes the “independent” investigator Sophie in ‘t Veld and former President of the European Parliament from 2012 to 2017 Martin Schulz from the ranks of the Party of European Socialists.

As Janša drew attention to publicly known facts, he became the target of attacks
As the infamous photo exposing Soros’s influence in the European Parliament appeared on Prime Minister Janša’s Twitter profile for a while, the response was all the more heated. The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, called on Janša to stop provoking Members of the European Parliament. “Attacks on Members of Parliament are also attacks on European citizens. Constructive collaboration with the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union can only be based on mutual trust and respect,” he pointed out. Of course, the Slovenian MEP Tanja Fajon, President of the Social Democrats (SD) party, also had to chime in with her own opinion, writing that she felt embarrassed. “Being an MEP myself, I have never been treated this poorly during any official European Parliament delegation in any of the Member States,” she wrote, adding that she hoped that her colleagues understand that Slovenia is much more than just Janša.

The document proves that this is not a conspiracy theory
Given the heated reactions that have erupted due to the infamous photograph, it seems that some people are ashamed of the revelation that they are not as independent in their work as they are trying to portray themselves to be. Although they were hoping to portray Janša as a provocateur, who is yet again promoting a conspiracy theory, it was quickly proven that this is not a conspiracy – namely, a comprehensive list entitled Reliable allies in the European Parliament (2014–2019) was actually commissioned and published by Soros’s Open Society Foundation itself. Janša also pointed this out in a tweet, writing: “The discussion about billionaire George Soros’s supporters is not a conspiracy theory, as the list was commissioned and published by the Soros’s own Foundation – the Open Society. See for yourself.” He also added a link to the list.

The Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, are the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights, reads the description online. The foundations provide thousands of grants every year through a network of national and regional foundations and offices, funding a vast array of projects – many of them now shaped by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Open Society European Policy Institute works to influence and inform decision-making on European Union laws, policy, and funding to ensure that open society values lie at the heart of what the European Union does, both inside and outside its borders, the Institute’s official website also reads.

The introduction of the comprehensive list says that this mapping provides information to the Open Society European Policy Institute and the Open Society network intelligence on Members of the 8th European Parliament likely to support Open Society values during the 2014–2019 legislature. “It spans 11 committees and 26 delegations, as well as the European Parliament’s highest decision-making bodies: 226 MEPs who are proven or likely Open Society allies.”

 “The presence of an MEP in this mapping indicates that they are likely to support Open Society’s work. They should be approached with an open mind: although they will most likely want to work on areas they’re already interested in, they could also welcome hearing about new issues. Beyond discussing individual topics, Open Society should seek to build lasting and trustworthy relationships with these European lawmakers,” the text reads.

In addition to Sophie in ‘t Veld, Martin Schulz, former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt and Angelika Mlinar (former Minister from the Slovenian SAB party), the list of 226 MEPs also includes two Slovenian MEPs: Member of the European Parliament Tanja Fajon, who was re-elected in this term, and Ivo Vajgl, who has already won two mandates in the European Parliament (first as part of the Zares party list, second as part of the DeSUS party list, and after that, he did not decide to run again).

Their influence also extends to other European institutions
It is more than obvious why the photo that shows the billionaire’s network of supporters received so much backlash in the European Parliament. Namely, it proves that the so-called European democracy is only a façade and that it is, in fact, one way or another, all about the realisation of Soros’s interests. The fact that Soros also has influence in other European institutions was already revealed last year by Gregor Puppinck, a French lawyer and Director-General of the European Centre for Law and Justice, who revealed the strong influence of Soros’s advocate at the European Court of Human Rights. This year, Puppinck also revealed that the Soros Open Society Foundation is one of the largest donors to the Council of Europe, in addition to Bill Gates’s Microsoft.

To claim that this revelation is nothing but a lie is absolutely absurd. After all, the names of the so-called trusted allies in the European Parliament for the period from 2014 to 2019 were revealed by the Soros Foundation itself and not somebody else. The document is publicly available and can be read here. It is difficult to understand what the problem is, but apparently, it is problematic that the revelation is not part of the story about Janša playing the role of the manipulator and liar, and Sophie in ‘t Veld the role of “independent” investigator of the situation in Slovenia. Well, so much for “independence.”


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