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This is how the “rule of law” works here: Janša received a “St. Nicholas gift” from the Slovenian judiciary – it seems that the elections are finally approaching

By: Nova24tv.si

The opposition leader Janez Janša has been the thorn in the side of the parallel mechanism of the deep state for decades. He has never followed the path of SLS/SKD or NSi. He has never pledged loyalty at Škrabec’s homestead to the penultimate president of the communist party. He has always been an independent individual with his principles, deep convictions, and credibility. However, such a life also demands a toll.

As Janša wrote on the social network X: “You come home late on St. Nicholas’ Eve, and you are greeted by ‘gifts’ from the Slovenian ‘legal’ state from four courts. The elections are approaching, and it is no longer hidden that the judiciary is a direct extension of the transitional left.”

Let’s remember, Janša is being pursued for “defamation” by a whole bunch of social and political workers. He is also being judged in the bizarre Trenta process, where the Slovenian judiciary has clearly shown that they do not understand how the free market system operates and how prices are determined in it – or they do understand and are (as Janša claims) an extension of the transitional left.

Hijacked justice

That the judiciary has become just another “political party” has been clear for a long time. For years, we have been witnessing how charges against left-wing tycoons are dropped left and right, while, for example, Janša was convicted in the Patria trial based on a scandalous verdict, later torn apart by the Constitutional Court. We see how right-wing commentators and politicians are even getting prison sentences for words they have spoken or written, while people on the left who have threatened with serious violence and death are acquitted.

If the collaboration between NSi and coalition parties holds and the constitution is amended, from now on, every leftist president of the republic will choose judges who will judge ordinary citizens. The path to Russian autocracy, where judges receive dictations for their rulings over the phone from the Kremlin, is wide open.

Let’s remember: the proposed changes to the constitution envisage that judges would no longer be elected by the National Assembly on the proposal of the Judicial Council but would be appointed by the President of the Republic. The Judicial Council, which would decide on proposals for the appointment of judges with a two-thirds majority of all its members, would have 15 members instead of the current 11. Seven members would be elected by the National Assembly with a two-thirds majority of votes from present members among university professors of law, lawyers, and other established legal professionals, and eight by judges among themselves.

Members of the Judicial Council would be elected for a term of six years and could not be re-elected. The president would be elected by its members from among themselves for a term of three years. The Judicial Council would be regulated by a special law. NSi party currently still supports the proposed constitutional amendment with a cunning logic, claiming it is, in fact, depoliticisation, disregarding the Slovenian specificity that the next 100 years will see a president from the transitional left each time.

Elections are approaching

The fact that the judiciary is once again harassing the leader of the opposition is indeed an indicator that elections are approaching, probably early next year. Let’s remember the immortal words spoken under oath by the interviewee –Branko Masleša, former president of the Supreme Court, said that Janša needs to be “screwed over”. Meanwhile, there is great panic on the transitional left as they still do not have a proper candidate to replace the fallen Golob – the closest is the founder of his party, Jure Leben, who was quickly judged to be too compromised due to the model scandal and not charismatic enough to step into the big shoes of the current puppet of the deep state.

For now, it seems the only idea is to try to compromise the leader of the opposition and his party. In the coming months, Janša will undoubtedly receive many similar letters, along with a lot of mudslinging from our media – one of the last loud voices in the desert of leftism and uniformity.

Do not be surprised if in the near future another dozen journalists feel offended by Janša’s tweets and articles on Nova24TV.


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