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They should know about the details of the Fotopub affair in the editorial offices of Mladina, Ljubljana’s Levica, and elsewhere!

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By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv.si

The sex radiator affair is getting more and more complicated/revealed. While yesterday we reported on Julita Kropec, another alleged victim of the infamous Dušan Smodej and probably connected to the March 8th Institute, this time we summarise Bojan Požars’ last post. He is convinced that the editorial office of Mladina and the Ljubljana’s LDS, the current Levica party, should know about the issues. He also wrote about the fact that the response of the top of the Police does not inspire confidence, which is said to be strongly reminiscent of the one from the Baričević affair. Let us remind you that the case did not live to see an epilogue, and in the end only the dogs were to blame for everything. As we have already written, the same policeman Dušan Mikolčevič, who helped to cover up his tracks in the Bulmastifi affair, is in the background of the investigation.

But many photos and videos that have been created over the years and that can be found abroad also give hope. Deleting everything is about as much of an undertaking as cleaning up the pool water after someone peed in it. When the Baričevič affair happened years ago, social networks did not yet play the role they play today. And if the wild parties on Tivolska Street in Ljubljana lasted for years and years, and almost every participant had a mobile phone with them… Even if individuals in the police and politicians still try to sweep the matter under the carpet, contain it, silence it… One photo that can lead to a political tsunami is enough to sink the Levica party and greatly tarnish the reputation of the para-political party of the March 8th Institute… This is precisely why this affair is different from Bullmastiffs…

However, the Institute, keeps on trying to pull the wool over our eyes – “at 19:00 we attended a rally in support of victims of sexual harassment and violence. The start of the rally was on the Museum Platform in front of Metelkova Street.” And without the members and various supporters of the institution saying anything about the whole matter (Maiken Kores, Hana Ostan Ožbolt, Julita Kropec, etc.) … All in all, it was useless. However, the boss Nika Kovač was delayed in Belgrade for the last few days, where she played a “plumber” again. Water around the world is obviously more important than the psychological health of rape victims, even if they are acquaintances. Portal Požareport reports that the hottest rumours on the Ljubljana scene are currently related to private photos of Dušan Smodej.

On them, he is supposed to be in the main role together with Manca Krnel, the current private partner of Luka Mesec. Last Thursday, the Smodej/Fotopub/sex radiator mega-affair should have been the central topic in Tarča show on the public broadcaster RTVS, which would have been expected given the high profile of the matter, but it turned out differently. The editorial office apparently decided otherwise because the matter is too close to “their” favourite Levica. However, under the guise of a confrontation between two unofficial presidential candidates – Nataša Pirc Musar and Anže Logar, they mainly (and expectedly) lynched the latter. They staged a kind of “trial” in which they tried to morally discredit him with the help of posts on Twitter by his party colleagues (Janez Janša, Žan Mahnič, and Aleš Hojs).

The affair could also “scorch” the Gibanje Svoboda party, and especially harm Gregor Golobič

However, the “trial” did not go completely as planned. So much for the “independence” of this famous RTVS. All in all, Pirc Musar is much more interesting. She is known to have put pressure on certain media through her husband and former tycoon Aleš Musar, and at the same time it was proven she publicly lied, but the “independent” host of Tarča show, Erika Žnidaršič, was not overly moved by this. Let’s go back to the Smodej affair. Just a few days ago, the mainstream media were celebrating that no report had been made to the police in connection with the case, and actively participated in the discrediting of journalists who reported on the case in a different way. In the end, however, at least two official reports came to the police, and the protective media suddenly fell silent when it came to Smodej/Levica/ March 8th Institute.

The police, however, are said to have increased the intensity of the investigation, which is said to be the result of “signals” from Robert Golob’s cabinet, who feared that the affair might “scorch” him and the Gibanje Svoboda party as well. However, the affair is also beneficial for Golob, as it diverts media attention from some of his bizarre and false public statements, and in addition, it could irreversibly destroy the Levica party or its prominent political actors, especially Minister Mesec, to which the minister himself could help with his bilious and reckless reactions/statements and outbursts after the affair broke out. The situation is supposed to strengthen the position of Golob. While it harms the Levica party, it also harms the uncle from the background, Gregor Golobič, who is directly connected to the controversial/criminal cultural milieu. The Levica is also known as Golobič’s branch within Golob’s government…

The police do not inspire confidence: The management behaves as in the Baričevič affair

The latest statements of the director general of the police, Boštjan Lindav, to the Večer newspaper (a media outlet owned by the garbage mafia of tycoon Martin Odlazek) also cause concern. This is quite reminiscent of the statements of the former general director of the police, Jan Goršek, in the case of the Baričevič affair. For example, Lindav (judging by his statements) does not even know exactly who and where was the first to post something, and the police are primarily concerned with viewing photos on social networks. They should have started their investigation already after the first alarming posts of Dušan Smodej’s group Against Violence on Instagram, rather than waiting for Požar’s first post. They also recently publicly lamented that they are powerless until the first official report.

The cards were quite mixed up by the shocking confession of former journalist Maja Megla, otherwise an excellent connoisseur of this milieu, who herself dated the controversial Roman Uranjek. He is a painter who committed suicide when the affair broke out and was closely associated with Smodej. The journalist was also closely related to the long-time editor of Mladina, Robert Botteri (she was also his partner). She vividly described this depraved art scene from 1984 onwards. And if she knew, the editorial staff of Mladina also knew, and consequently also the Ljubljana LDS, which later spilled over into the extreme Levica party, including the long-time director of the Moderna Galerija Zdenko Badovinac, where it was supposedly impossible to exhibit Uranjek without a “blessing”.

Expecting photos from abroad: Supposedly, Smodej and Manca Krnel, Mesec’s current girlfriend, are on them

And they all looked away, even though they knew the miles of Smodej and Uranjek well. After all, they are representative of a specific policy that brought public money to this milieu. In this light, it is by no means an affair that is limited only to the deviant behaviour of two artists but is much broader. Smodej is said to be still abroad, supposedly in Croatia, and does not want to return to Slovenia. He is said to have enough means to support himself due to family resources. On the Ljubljana scene, everyone is eagerly awaiting his private photos from abroad, in which, as already mentioned, he and Manca Krnel, currently Mesec’s private partner, will be in the main roles.

Let’s also remember: while everyone claims that they have nothing to do with Smodej, new connections come to light every day, which indicate that everyone knows him at least indirectly/directly. Kores, a member of the March 8th Institute, worked with the infamous Fotopub in the past and was reportedly also Smodej’s girlfriend. Curator Ostan Ožbolt has been friends with Kovač for a long time, and let’s not forget that Uranjek was Ožbolt’s mentor. Then there is AGRFT student and actress Kropec, who just as openly supports the March 8th Institure, and at the same time is said to be Smodek’s former girlfriend – we can find a video of them driving around Venice online.

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