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The Similarity Between the “Uniform” of Modern Left Fascists and That of the Nazis Is Downright Striking

(Photo souce: Nova24tv)

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

Left-wing extremism has many faces. One thing they all have in common is the imitation of the traditions of Nazism and fascism, which they usually hysterically try to distance themselves from, and also claim to despise. The latter is certainly a good thing; however, their hypocrisy is not, as there is often no noticeable difference between the ideological extremisms of World War II and those that have disintegrated in recent decades.

The words of the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who said decades ago that in the future, the fascists will be anti-fascists, are very relevant today. Namely, his words turned out to be prophetic. Let’s take a look at what the fascists of modern times look like and in what ways they are similar to those from decades ago.
One of the subspecies of the far left are members of the Antifa with their characteristic black uniforms, strongly reminiscent of those of the Nazis. The similarity is striking, and even a cursory glance at the cover picture in this article is enough to prove it.

Political cycling is not a new invention of the Slovenian left-wing anarchists either, as similar spectacles were already performed by the Nazis in the past – in Celje, among other places. It is also known from history that the Nazis learned how to be bloodthirsty from the communists. Today, history is repeating itself, only in the opposite direction. Slovenian, European and American neo-communists and left-wing anarchists imitate the Nazis in many ways with their methods. Let us remind you of last year’s “Nights of Broken Glass” in the USA and Western Europe, where we witnessed the desecration of monuments, the smashing of shop windows and the looting of shops. Last but not least, members of the Antifa have also ravaged Ljubljana, where they slashed the tires of a few dozen cars.

We witnessed a similar pogrom in Nazi times when the (National) Socialists broke Jewish shop windows and looted their shops. By the way: the similarity between the Slovenian far left and the American Ku Klux Klan organisation is also interesting. The latter is known for lynching, burning crosses, and other horrible things. In Slovenia, some time ago, the left-wing extremists publicly burned (lynched) a “puppet” that looked like the Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs, while they mimicked the practices typical for societies with Sharia law when they stoned the image of Prime Minister Janez Janša. Both the Blackshirts from decades ago and their modern-day clones are also characterised by the violent overthrow of the government.

Let’s think back to the destructive protests of the 5th of November 2020, when Ljubljana turned into a real battlefield. Both the first and the second Blackshirts liked to burn giant bonfires in the middle of the city, with the aim of burning down the “unwanted” objects; in the case of the modern Blackshirts, these were the “chairs” of the deputies. What is also worth mentioning is the Nazi salute of one of the Blackshirts who stood among the patriots at a protest of the Yellow Jackets (who are the true representatives of the working class, while the Friday protesters are mostly bourgeois, first-class children) and raised his hand high in a Nazi salute.

We have also already reported on the fact that occult, even satanic symbolism, is popular among the modern far-leftists. This kind of symbolism was also previously used by the Nazis. And last but not least, the similarities also lie in the name and political guidelines. Even the National Socialists are, in essence, socialists. For both, the concern of the working class is supposed to be a priority. Let us remind you of how they celebrated the 1st of May in 1941 in Slovenia, cheering merrily. The left-wing extremists are, in fact, just Nazi-fascists in the emperor’s new clothes.

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