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The reckless do not give up: Esih and Vasev were joined by a journalist from the Miljković Team

By: Luka Perš (Nova24tv)

We were interested in whether the ‘buckoti’ provoked again with the victory of the Slovenian national basketball team in the quarterfinals against Germany. While Darijan Košir and Jernej Štromajer did not share their thoughts, the MMC RTV Slovenia journalist Boris Vasev and Delo journalist Uroš Esih further provoked with “intellectual leftist jokes”. Odlazko’s team added its own, brutally settling accounts with Prime Minister Janez Janša for congratulating Slovenian athletes on their success at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The Slovenian national basketball team once again delighted their compatriots in their homeland. They managed a historic victory in the quarterfinal match against Germany. Once again, the visible political and journalistic workers of the left could not leave it alone. Thus, with the victories of Slovenian basketball players, the Slovenian public was able to read tasteless tweets by Delo journalist Uroš Esih, MMC RTV Slovenia journalist Boris Vasev, Dnevnik executive editor Darijan Košir and prominent SD party member Dr Jernej Štromajer.

Surprisingly, their ideas were condemned in a large number of central media, especially Košir’s and Štromajer’s ideas. The representative of the basketball team, Luka Rupnik, affectionately called Štromajer ‘bucko’. After his professional tweet after Slovenia’s victory, Štromajer kept quiet, he only shares a few official Fiba tweets related to the Slovenian national team. Košir’s tweet experienced the most violent reaction, as he has not written or shared anything since then. However, all indications are that journalists Uroš Esih and Boris Vasev continue to fight.

Vasev and Esih provoked with “intellectualistic jokes”

After Slovenia’s victory over the current world champions, Boris Vasev wrote that Luka Dončić should give up playing for the national team in the style of Mohamed Ali, because Dončić’s father Saša Dončić was deleted. Unfortunately, intellectuals on the far left do not understand that politics is not in everything, of which Luka Dončić is well aware. He proved this during his career in the strongest league in the NBA, where he promoted our country and its tourist destinations and culinary delicacies in numerous games.

This time, Vasev did not even congratulate the Slovenian national team on the victory. He preferred to write another polemical tweet: “Ok, if I understand the scum who supports the far right in power, if an athlete praises Slovenia, it is cool, but if an athlete criticizes Slovenia, it would be an unacceptable mixture of sport and politics. They make themselves irrelevant.”

You can answer for yourself what the journalist of Bulgarian roots wanted to say with this. Again, Delo journalist Uroš Esih did not forget to share his intellectual tweets. He again compared Slovenia’s first three victories to a left wing imaginary struggle against “fascism” and named all three countries as countries with a fascist regime.

Only Petrič’s Delo knows what their victories in sports and the past political regime have in common. After today’s historic victory, at least our eye could not find congratulations. However, Esih posted a provocative tweet in the style of Vasev. In it, he wrote that politics and sports are separate and should not be mixed, “shout his fans and media outlets. However, when, together with the European Commissioner for the European Way of Life, he proposes that Slovenian athletes carry the EU flag for the political promotion of his presidency,” wrote Esih.

Odlazek’s team vomits on Janša because he congratulates Slovenian athletes on their success in Tokyo on social networks

He goes on to celebrate the IOC’s decision that they did not to allow it. He writes that those who “by definition celebrate the values of universalism and enthusiastically applaud it because it is a non-political intervention in the field of sport and Olympism. The International Olympic Committee, of course, flatly rejected it,” wrote Esih. Instead of supporting Slovenia’s international initiative, it is much more important that Janša fails. Esih thus wrote another leftist nebula, understood only by members of the Initiative for Democratic Socialism.

Media tycoon Martin Odlazek also had to add his part. In the sports tabloid Ekipa, the journalist of this media Andrej Miljkovič dealt with the Prime Minister Janez Janša only because he congratulated on social networks for the successful ranking of Slovenian athletes in Tokyo. We can simply ask ourselves whether the transition network does not want to understand that in competitions for Slovenian athletes, it is not ideology that is important, but love for the homeland. All Slovenian athletes have the latter at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Ask the basketball players.


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