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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Levica party is creating new external enemies – this time NSi party

By: Matej Markič / Nova24tv

In the months leading up to the elections, the insane eco-socialist Levica party is apparently trying to mobilise its radical electoral base by expanding the circle of “external enemies”. After its MPs in the past led their red jihad primarily against the Slovene Democratic Party, there is now a clear need for the party to further incite its base from the FDV and Metelkova by attacking the NSi party.

The Levica was obviously greatly disturbed by the overly rational and reconcilable words in a publication in the Delo newspaper two days ago. In the article entitled “Levica party categorically does not reject Nova Slovenija party”, they wrote that the coordinator of the Levica, Luka Mesec, does not close the door to cooperation with NSi definitively and in advance, but only if it leaves the current government. On the other hand, there were also several indirect but sufficiently clear signals from the coalition Nova Slovenija with the desire for possible post-election cooperation with various opposition parties. The head of the otherwise loyal partner of the SDS, Matej Tonin, said that a stable government would not be possible without cooperation through the middle and also without the NSi. When asked about the party’s position on post-election cooperation with Levica, representatives of the Christian Democrats said that “NSi is a party of dialogue, which is why they are ready to talk to dissidents who may have diametrically opposed views”. But Levica was clearly of the opinion that inciting further divisions and excluding them in advance would bring them more political points than a willingness to dialogue and cooperation, which quickly made them turn sides and stated on their official website that the article in Delo was misleading and that Levica actually does not see itself in government along with the NSi.

In addition to such a hypocritical side switching, the reasons given below are also absurd, explaining why this fanatical party supposedly opposes any association with Nova Slovenija; first, they claim that NSi, like SDS, is to blame for the current situation in Slovenia, as its participation in the government enables the destruction of the country.

The Levica party is a threat to progress

Leaving aside for a moment all the many achievements of the current Slovenian government and the nonsense of Levica on the destruction of the state and focusing solely on the achievements of NSi ministers in the areas covered by the party – i.e. work, family, social affairs and equal opportunities, defence, infrastructure and digitalisation – we find that the achievements of the Christian Democrats represent a huge contribution to improving the situation in these three areas, after only a year and a half of work. During this time, Nova Slovenija, thanks to its participation in the government, managed to provide appropriate equipment for the Slovenian Army with the help of the Act on the Provision of Funds for Investments in the Slovenian Armed Forces, with which the Ministry of Defence under the leadership of Matej Tonin ended the existing multi-year unconstitutional situation in which the Slovenian Army was not able to ensure the defence of the Republic of Slovenia on its territory according to domestic and international expert assessments. Moreover, Under Tonin’s baton, there was also a staffing of the Slovenian Armed Forces (last year there were 100 percent more jobs in the SAF compared to the previous year) and the regulation of the social status of soldiers after reaching the age of 45. Thanks to the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and NSi Minister Janez Cigler Kralj, a one-off solidarity allowance of 500 euros was introduced for newborns born between January 1st 2020 and one year after the end of the epidemic, basic monthly income for the self-employed in the amount of 1,100 euros for the pandemic period, an increase in disability pensions to 41 per cent of the minimum pension base, an increase in Zois scholarships and more to name a few.

The left wing extremists went on to say that NSi’s attempts to convince people that they were the center party were mere opportunism. Members of the “Mesec’s Stream” accuse NSi of wanting to be in the government with Janša until the elections, after which they would jump to the side that shows better results in the elections, adding that if they thought seriously in their “mediocrity and moderation” they would show this by stepping out of the current government immediately. As far as opportunism and calculations on participation in the government are concerned, Levica party could first look in the mirror, as in fact they have so far proved to be by far the most opportunistic party on the Slovenian political stage. Thus, we can all remember that they had a de facto position of a supra-coalition party in Šarec’s previous government, but then they quarrelled with the 13th Slovenian government and hoped that the disintegration of the government would lead to preliminary elections in which they could capitalise on their rebellion and on this account won an even better result. As their calculations did not work out and Janez Janša successfully formed a new, functional government without re-elections on March 13th, 2020, Levica turned the tables again and began to flatter the same parties with which it had quarrelled a few months ago.

If we now take a closer look at the reality of the last accusation of our virtuous neo-Marxists, in which they claim that the NSi is not just a “silent supporter” of the current government, but a party that actively pursues its own harmful policies, accusing the Christian Democrats of writing law on the acquisition of 780 million euros of weapons, in addition to constantly showing appetites for the privatisation of health care and health insurance, as well as owning a number of associations advocating abortion, such as Iskreni[dot]net, and which received huge sums of public money under the current government, we find that the accusation is also false. 780 million euros of investments in the SAF were by no means intended only for the purchase of weapons, but, as we wrote in the previous paragraph, this money was primarily intended for the provision of essential equipment that enables SAF members to perform their tasks with dignity (let’s remember the fiasco at the international military exercises a few years ago, where the shoes of Slovenian soldiers fell apart). It is also not true that NSi allegedly owned the Iskreni Institute – much has been written about this in the past, but in the end the Constitutional Court also ruled that the Institute received public funds quite justifiably – as far as views on abortion, it is clear that not everyone in a healthy democracy can have identical views on all issues, and it is illusory to expect that in a country where the majority of the population is Christian, everyone will passionately support abortion in all conditions and during all nine months of pregnancy.


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