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“The leftists have gone crazy.” On Twitter, they publicly threaten to liquidate political opponents if they ever come to power again

(Photo: Twitter printscreen)

By: Sara Bertoncelj (Nova24tv)

“There is no country in the world where you could hide and we would not find you when terrorist Janša’s rule is over,” Grega without a last name threatened Klemen Traven on Twitter. This is not the first threat under his fingers, he has vulgarly attacked many others – especially those close to the SDS party. Probably no one in their right mind wants such people to ever come to power again, and it is also worrying that no one is persecuting the threats coming from the left political field.

“The leftists are crazy. They are now publicly threatening on Twitter to liquidate political opponents if they ever come to power again! Another reason why they should not be allowed to do so in the elections,” Klemen Traven, a member of the SDM supervisory board, warned on the social network. It is not clear from the conversation how Traven has supposedly “deserved” this threat. However, it is a fact that Grega, who otherwise cowardly does not dare to write his last name, often sows hateful and vulgar words on the social network. In one of the threats, Grega stated that he was not afraid of anything – but his anonymity, of course, shows the opposite.

For example, he wrote to a Minister of Education Dr Simona Kustec the following: “Bitch!!! You are closing the halls, you are banning trainings, but now ‘we have a medal’ do you have it???? Go away and stay in Japan SDS bitch!!!! In Slovenia, should we train through Zoom??? Fuck off.” He has repeatedly described Prime Minister Janez Janša as a terrorist, and asked the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior which drugs he was on. The records show that the anonymous Grega is obviously a craftsman, among other things he shook his anger, even when the National Assembly approved an amendment to the law on the financing of private schools, “death to Janšism,” he wrote at the time.

He threatened MP Branko Grims: “I hope you get punched in the gob from the people of Ljubljana!!! Grims’ fool.” He also attacked Igor Pirkovič, Miloš Čirič, Boris Doblekar, Andrej Vizjak, Bojan Požar and Aleš Hojs as well as Mojca Škrinjar. He also threatened Žiga Turk: “He does not want us to meet on the street!! You will not tell me who the street rabble is!! Watch it!! Yes, and I am not afraid of anything, send me Hojs’ to the door.” Therefore, a certain pattern can be noticed – he is mostly disturbed by members and sympathisers of the SDS party. Interestingly, his Twitter profile still exists despite all the public threats. When swearing and threats come from the left pole, there is obviously no problem in Slovenia.

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