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The Institute for Commodity Reserves reveals Ivan Gale: He publicly admitted forgery of official business documents and breach of contract! Take a look at his answers to our questions

Ivan Gale (Photo: STA)

By: Luka Perš / Nova24tv

“Right now, officially: Ivan Gale publicly admitted forgery of official business documents during the period he led ZBR. He also publicly admitted that on behalf of ZBR he took over protective equipment from suppliers after the expiration of contractual deadlines and thus knowingly violated the signed contracts,” commented journalist Bojan Požar on the outcome of the court case between the Commodity Reserves Institute and a former employee. The Commodity Reserves Institute accuses Gale of several violations of the law. Gale also presented his story after the verdict on the social network Facebook, where he denied all allegations of ZBR and announced that he would continue to reveal the irregularities of the current director of ZBR, Toni Rumpf. We gave him the opportunity to respond to the allegations but he did not want to explain them. He rather responded arrogantly with the word “lie”.

The Institute for Commodity Reserves and Ivan Gale, a former long-term employee of the institute, came to an agreement. The former employers will pay him severance pay of just over 50-thousand-euro gross, and both sides have committed to silence. This was broken by Gale yesterday with a post on Facebook, where he wrote in an extensive response to the verdict that the fight is not over and that he will strive for the current director Toni Rumpf to pay severance pay for Gale himself, not Slovenian taxpayers. Now they have presented their side of the story in ZBR, where they claim that Gale admitted everything at the trial.

The ZBR wrote in a press statement that Gale admitted at the court hearing that he had been negotiating with the witnesses he had mentioned during the proceedings. His intention to manipulate the court proceedings by negotiating with witnesses was clearly revealed. Through his attorney, he wanted to file additional material in the court record, which, in the opinion of the ZBR management, indicates “manipulation” and a desire to “carry on a lawsuit from an ambush.” A settlement and agreement was reached at Gale’s request. At the hearing, he also admitted that he took over protective equipment from suppliers after the expiration of the contractual deadlines. Thus, he knowingly violated the contractual provisions and publicly admitted, “that all the time, he knowingly violated the law,” the ZBR said.

The Commodity Reserves Institute accuses Ivan Gale of serious violations

Furthermore, the ZBR accuses its former colleague of the controversial moves he made as an authorised signatory of the contracts. He committed one of the most serious violations on April 16th, 2020, when he forged a business document. This was just when one of the first Target shows exploded on the subject of buying protective equipment during the first wave of the epidemic. By doing so, Gale is deliberately misleading the public.

ZBR points out that Gale caught himself lying with statements in the media on the same day. He gave a statement to the media after signing an additional purchase order for transport services with the contract. At the end of the press release, ZBR also points out that Gale committed several serious violations with signs of criminal offenses.

Serious violations of bank abuse, forgery of business documents and abuse of official position were found. Due to these findings, the Commodity Reserves Institute has filed several ongoing court proceedings against Gale.

Ivan Gale denies everything and claims that this is another false announcement by the Commodity Reserves Institute

Ivan Gale posted his aspect of the story on the social network Facebook. Among other things, he pointed out that there are no longer any clauses in the settlement on the confidentiality of the settlement, “my silence and the manner of communication regarding it.” In his opinion, the content of the settlement is as he himself was prepared to sign weeks ago, “if the Institute did not want to include the disputed clauses just now.”

We also asked Gale questions. He responded to all of them by saying that it was a lie of the leaders of the ZBR. In response, he also wrote that he replied to us briefly that the author of the article will have “more time for the possible inclusion of various fabrications. I hope that your contribution will be short and concise so that I do not have to deal too much with the request for publication of the correction.”

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