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The former “Gale’s” group on Facebook was temporarily blocked by the administrators themselves – the date of the blocking is very significant and indicates a connection with the Smodej affair!

By: Peter Truden

When shortly after the election of Janša’s government, the latter came to a pillory based on the bizarre testimony of the former employee of the Institute for Commodity Reserves, Ivan Gale, a Facebook group was also created in support of Gale, where mainly extreme leftists posted.

This spring, however, the group changed its name, as Ivan Gale himself announced that he was censored in the group. So, the new name is now the Active Citizenship Support Group, one of the main Facebook nests of extreme leftism.

Some readers have alerted us that there have been no new posts in the group since Sunday, August 21st, as the group is – blocked. And this from the admins of the group. As was noted, activities are temporarily suspended. The reasons are not explained.

But the date is very significant. It was on Sunday, August 21st, that the news about the sudden death of Roman Uranjek came to the public, which coincides with the beginning of the announcements about sexual predation by Dušan Smodej, otherwise Uranjek’s protégé. Since something uncontrolled could also get into the mentioned Facebook group, the godfathers decided to simply – lock the group. The photo does not lie:

The FB group stopped (Photo: printscreen)

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