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The expected hypocrisy of the Slovene left wing: The invasion of protesters into the Capitol has been condemned, they are inciting rebellion against the government at home!; Janša: Now that we have unanimously condemned the violence in the USA, the time has come to condemn all violence and death threats in Slovenia

By: Nina Žoher

After spreading the news that supporters of the US President Donald Trump had forcibly stormed a Congress building, most strongly condemned the act. This is the only right thing to do, because violence and death threats should not have a place in our society. Prime Minister Janez Janša emphasised on Twitter that everyone should be very concerned about the violence in Washington. “We hope that American democracy is solid, firmly rooted, and will overcome this crisis. Democracy presupposes peaceful protest, but violence and death threats – from left or right wing – are always wrong.” Among other things, the violence was also condemned by the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, the President of the Republic Borut Pahor, and the Minister of Defence Matej Tonin. The opposition also responded critically. Many may have been surprised by this, as they were silent when the Prime Minister was threatened with death at anti-government protests.

SD party president Tanja Fajon wrote that the attack on the Capitol was an attack on democracy. “The scenes from Washington are shocking. Violence and destruction are unacceptable. The result of democratic elections must be respected.” But a little later she added: “Condemnations of invading into Congress from the mouths of those who support Trump and once even congratulated him are dishonest and hypocritical. Unfortunately, the Slovenian Prime Minister is among them. The glorification of the cult of the leader sooner or later leads to his downfall, but sadly the greatest damage is suffered by the people.” With the latter note, the president of the SD party took on the role of arbiter, saying that she knew that Janez Janša’s congratulation was insincere and hypocritical.

That Fajon dropped so low is very difficult to understand. Namely, if her original and only goal was to condemn the violent act in Washington, she would certainly not state the belief that the congratulation seemed dishonest to her. Perhaps she chose this record because she is angry that Janša condemned the act. If he did not, he would easily become the bone to grind for the KUL quartet, which craves power, even in the middle of an epidemic. Thus it seems that those who want the country to be ruled by a previously completely quarrelsome coalition of parties led by DeSUS party president Karl Erjavec, only wait on what they will be able to criticise, that they will be praised, and the government critiqued. All in all, it is easier given the fact that they have most of the central media on their side.

Šarec describes Janša as Slovenian Trump

“Stolen elections – words that are inappropriate in democratic countries. And this is exactly what led to what has happened in Washington, and that is unacceptable,” wrote SAB President Alenka Bratušek, which in a way also criticised Janša, as he had repeatedly critically pointed out that the 2014 elections were stolen with the Patria affair. Namely, the media campaign influenced the outcome of the elections. Former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec, who himself decided to leave the ship when the storm was on its way, wrote the following: “All Slovenian politicians who condemn the violent mob in the USA and at the same time sit in the government of Slovenian Trump, or otherwise support him, are symbolically part of it. Including the President of the Republic. On the day of the no confidence vote, it will be shown what kind of society you want.”

As we can see, it is obvious from Šarec’s record where the wind is blowing. The purpose of the record was to denigrate Janša and in some way create the impression of how Janša and all those who work in the government for the benefit of citizens are supporters of violence, while the opposition is counting votes. According to him, only if they decide to support Erjavec as Prime Minister would it mean that they do not want violence. Interestingly, the opposite is actually true. Namely, Janša clearly condemned the violence in the USA, while Šarec, who would like to be an integral part of the new KUL coalition, did not condemn the violence when it was threatened with death at anti-government protests. Which, on the one hand, is not surprising, since it could also be seen there.


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