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The European Commission will also deal with Janković’s C0 channel: Romana Tomc and Milan Zver asked a parliamentary question

By: Gal Kovač / Nova24TV

The saga of the infamous C0 channel, which runs across the Kleče aquifer and is a source of drinking water for 300,000 Ljubljana residents, also resonated with Brussels. The project is co-financed by the EU, despite the many objections of the people of Ljubljana and the negative opinion given by the National Institute of Public Health about the project. MEP Romana Tomc asked the parliamentary question to the European Commission, and MEP Milan Zver also signed the question.

“Water is a common good and a limited resource that must be protected and used in a sustainable way. But it is under pressure from various sectors. The EU Water Framework Directive establishes a legal framework to protect clean water in the EU and ensure its long-term sustainable use. It is supplemented by more specific legislation, such as the Drinking Water Directive,” the question began. The MP then went on to say that Ljubljana has one of the highest quality drinking water in Europe, but that this could change very soon.

Namely, the controversial sewage canal is under construction, which connects wastewater from nearby municipalities (Medvode and Vodice) and flows it into the central sewage treatment plant Brod in Ljubljana. “Sewerage was allegedly carried out illegally by the Municipality of Ljubljana, which is the investor and contractor, with EU funds. Even worse, it poses the risk of the worst ecological disaster in Slovenia,” MP Tomc wrote in the parliamentary question.

The MP then further explained that the project is almost completely built, with the help of EU funds. Thus, she asked the Commission as follows:

  1. Are you familiar with the inappropriate selection of the route of the sewage channel?
  2. Was the Commission misled when it allowed construction without an environmental permit?
  3. What can the Commission do in the event of such a threat to citizens’ health?

Reaching the goals even with violence

The construction of the C0 canal has been accompanied by criticism from the very beginning, which gained additional momentum when the Ljubljana police brutally dealt with one of the owners of the land through which the infamous sewage canal runs. You can read more about it – HERE. An extraordinary meeting of the Ljubljana City Council was announced for Monday, convened by the opposition city councillors. At Janković’s initiative, the councillors from his list, the Gibanje Svoboda party, and SD did not attend the meeting.


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