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The author of The Utrip Dr Jože Možina: “Let it be clear to you, RTV is not yours, there will be no concessions…”

By: T.F./ Nova24tv

The author of the Utrip on Radiotelevizija Slovenija Dr Jože Možina – who made the Slovene left angry by publishing the stories of survivors of the Dražgože massacre, he questioned the communist myth of heroic partisans, which for decades fed the Slovene left for daily political needs – responded to a controversial note by the Social Democrats Tanja Fajon. Namely, she accused Možina and the editor of the news programme, Jadranka Rebernik, of making RTV a government service and that the content of Utrip was not in the public interest. Možina is now telling Fajon via Twitter that her gross political attack and the disgrace of the RTV journalist expose her anti-democratic hypocrisy, which will not go unnoticed. He also referred to the leader of a special European expedition to determine the situation in the field of media in Slovenia, the Dutch leftist Sophie in ’t Veld.

Let’s remember that Tanja Fajon had a completely inappropriate outburst on Twitter, criticising Saturday’s Utrip, a commentary show, in which both ideological poles have been upset by columnists such as Mojca Pašek Šetinc, Gregor Drnovšek, and Jadranka Rebernik. “Public service = government service. RTV Slovenia, shame! Možina and team. There is no excuse for an editorial policy that no longer works in the public interest,” Fajon wrote on Twitter.

Journalist and historian Dr Jože Možina, who is also the author of the “bestseller” Slovenski razkol, did not remain indebted to the leader of the Social Democrats, otherwise his former colleague on RTV. “Tanja Fajon, you are not in the public interest, your gross political attack and the disgrace of the RTV journalist expose your terrible anti-democratic hypocrisy, which will not be without consequences, right Sophie in ’t Veld,” Možina was indignant. He then added: “Let it be clear to you that RTV is public, not yours. And there will be no concessions when it comes to media freedom and truth!”

Možina thanked his followers yesterday for the praise he received at the expense of the show. “I was moved by your many compliments. And this is because they only prove what a devastation for the reputation of RTV Slovenia the ambiguity of recent years has left behind, that one such show – a small contribution to ideological pluralism – attracts such attention,” he wrote.

The March 8 Institute announced on Facebook to Možina: We are not interested in your interpretation of history

Možina has upset many left-wing journalists, columnists, and bloggers. The philosopher Boris Vezjak, for example, wrote on his blog that Utrip was carried out for the first time in several years by the politically orthodox Jože Možina, who is very obviously pushed by the Areh-Rebernik alliance to become the first journalist of public radio and television.

“It is, in the full sense of the word, a political smear, a product in the function of benefiting the political regime and scandalous by all journalistic standards. In it, Možina already dealt with Dražgoše in a very personal way, declaring them a historical fairy tale and a false myth, referring to carefully selected witnesses, whom he recorded in his previous interviews. The show, which for decades has been dedicated to a weekly review of current events, this time had a completely different ideological function of his fight against history, the National Liberation War, partisanship and the fight against an unpopular reality,” Vezjak complained.

RTV journalist Mojca Pašek Šetinc, who also occasionally prepares Utrip and has been a target of anger from the right side of the tweetosphere in the past, shared on her Facebook the March 8 Institute’s post led by Nika Kovač, where they told Jože Možina that they were not interested in history, and that they are only interested in the future in their political campaign. “We are not interested in your interpretation of history; we will not explain our own. We want the future,” they wrote, condemning fascism and Nazism, and obviously intentionally not communism.

The infamous Eugenija Carl went a step further, sharing a photo of the artist Arijan Pregl on Facebook and attributing that Jože Možina’s Utrip is a false smear.

Delo journalist Maja Prijatelj was also upset by the following: “Another interview with Janša on RTVSLO, another cancellation of Tarča, another Utrip of Možina, and I will seriously consider cancelling my RTVSLO subscription. What a radical surrender is this, what a perversion of history – in the end, the partisans will be to blame for the German massacre in Dražgoše. Will anyone resist this on TV?”

The revolt of journalists in conjunction with the left-wing political option against balancing the media landscape merely shows how strongly the Slovenian media scene has shifted to the left and how public opinion has been manipulated for decades.


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