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Support for Anže Logar has grown a lot

Dr Anže Logar (Photo: Polona Avanzo)

By: Sara Kovač / Nova 24TV

According to an opinion poll by the Ninamedia agency, presidential candidate Anže Logar surpassed Nataša Pirc Musar. Support for Logar rose from 28.2 to 30.2 percent compared to the last Ninamedia survey a month ago, while support for Pirc Musar fell from 30.1 to 27.5 percent. Some estimate that Pirc Musar should be in criminal proceedings, as she also charged the Red Cross for legal advice.

In the second measurement of public opinion before the presidential elections, SDS member of parliament Anže Logar took the lead in the public opinion survey, ahead of lawyer Nataša Pirc Musar and vice president of Gibanje Svoboda party Marta Kos, whose support also fell, from 19.4 to 16.3 percent. Diplomat Ivo Vajgl is in fourth place. Pirc Musar would win in the second round, Dnevnik reported, and the difference between them decreased from 9.9 to 7 percentage points. If Kos had entered the second round instead of Pirc Musar, Logar would have won the election in all probability – the poll shows a close margin.

Vajgl in fourth place is followed by the mayor of Kočevje, Vladimir Prebilič (4.5 percent), followed by the founder of the Viljem Julijan Association Gregor Bezenšek (1 percent) and the philosopher Nina Krajnik (0.6 percent). Dnevnik also estimated that Ivo Vajgl’s entry into the campaign would probably cause additional vote fragmentation on the part of voters who are outside the reach of SDS. Pre-election activities begin on August 22nd, including the filing of candidacies.

“A two-legged affair”

Pirc Musar was also the president of the Red Cross of Slovenia years ago, and in 2016 she resigned. The Red Cross remained “red”, and Dušan Keber became the new president at that time. Some media are currently reporting that Pirc Musar should be in criminal proceedings – in the name of her private institute Info Hiša, she allegedly issued a fictitious invoice for legal advice to the Slovenian Red Cross. Months ago, we summarised Požareport’s information that the Najdihojca Kindergarten in Ljubljana is asking parents to donate money for toys, while at the same time they are paying the lawyer Nataša Pirc Musar 200 euros per hour. Her actions do not match her words in any way, saying that she is supposed to be a moral authority as president.

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