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Friday, March 1, 2024

Stevanović’s followers showed their true colours: Calls for the use of weapons against the police and the government!

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

The organiser of the protests against the PCT condition in all spheres of public life, Zoran Stevanović, was released after being detained on suspicion of inciting resistance, despite an investigation at the party’s headquarters and at his home, because no evidence for extension of the detention was apparently found. However, the detention clearly had no effect on the party not continuing to insist on and even calling for protests.

On the Facebook page of the Resni.ca party, its president is Zoran Stevanović, a post was published entitled “Tomorrow we will stand among you, not on stage, but we will not be any less loud”. In the beginning, it is possible to read how they are supposed to succeed in something amazing. “The protests brought together a crowd of people we have never seen before in Slovenia. For a moment, we felt that real freedom that we will soon enjoy forever”.

In the record, they shared with followers the news that the Resni.ca party will be in front of the parliament at 3 pm, and warned them that they must continue to fight. In doing so, they more than obviously called for participation in a “peaceful” protest against the PCT condition, which, as we know, has repeatedly proved violent. In addition to throwing granite blocks and pyrotechnics, we witnessed various forms of vandalism, and they even went so far as to block the passage through the streets of Ljubljana at a time when traffic was busiest.

We want weapons!

They say they have achieved that the situation has calmed down quite a bit. “According to them, the epidemic is very much in decline, although they have accused us of irresponsibility and the increase in infections/death that supposedly follows the protests. The sick and the dead are no longer reported so horribly… The courts have begun to work: constitutionally in the case of the PC for civil servants, and supremely in the case of wearing masks indoors. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia is afraid and is not stepping up any more measures! They are even thinking about preliminary elections… And all this was caused by the pressure of the masses of people and the glorious revolt of the people. We forced them into a corner, but now we just need so much mass that will end this agony forever,” they emphasise.

They mention peaceful protests, but their followers do not beat about the bush

Stevanović’s party warns that people must continue to fight. “Let there be no free victims of political-police violence, no victims of public lynching and rudeness of politicians, no victims of forced vaccinations and the collapse of the health care system.” They backed this up in the sense that people should not forget that they promised this to the children. “That is why we – Resni.ca – will be in front of the parliament tomorrow at 3 pm! And another reminder: change can be only caused by peaceful protests… loud, but peaceful. Let’s not give them a reason for abuse. Power and freedom to the people!” they emphasise.

However, if one looks at just a few of the comments, such as: “We want weapons” and “Hoof, granite block, Molotov”, one can see that there is a danger of violence at protests that are unreported. Namely, they do not go around the bush about the methods that were seen in the violent protests. We can only hope that the scenario from last week is not repeated.


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