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Spitting on MPs, insulting graffiti, death threats: Jarc’s verbal attack on Janez Janša is just the tip of the iceberg!

(Photo: printscreen, STA, social networks)

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

The latest hooligan outburst of Friday’s political cycling, led by trade unionist Tea Jarc, is just the tip of the iceberg of vulgarity. Recently, they dared to disturb the Prime Minister Janez Janša and the Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs during a holiday break on Kredarica below Triglav. There were serious insults, swearing, and baseless accusations. And at this point, the question arises as to whether we will continue to allow this.

Will action be taken and curb the primitivism, which has also begun to trample on what is truly sacred for the Slovenian nation, before something worse happens? This is not just an attack on a statesman and disturbing the public order and peace of mountaineers and animals, but a down-to-earth attitude towards what means so much to Slovenes – the Triglav National Park, especially Triglav as a symbol of Sloveneness, which cannot be the subject of vulgar politics. When the border is crossed, the matter needs to be stopped or it will be too late, as political cyclists are becoming more and more presumptuous.

As already mentioned, this is only the last in a series of physical or verbal attacks and primitivism that a group of first-class people can afford in our country, due to the slow response or even the secrecy of part of politics, the central media and the prosecutor’s office. Let us recall the past riots of Friday’s political cycle and all the others, who can in no way come to terms with the fact that we have the government of Prime Minister Janez Janša. Let us remember the vandalised military van, the insulting of Slovenian soldiers with “traitors”, the spitting on MPs and the direct threats made, for example, to Jožef Horvat from the NSi.

We should also mention the harassment of NIJZ director Milan Krek by singer Zlatan Čordić – Zlatko, shooting of police officers with water pistols, death threats in the form of graffiti and threatening letters with beheading of the Prime Minister’s family, writing graffiti, especially swastikas in ministries, harassment of MPs in private life, threats to employees in ministries, showing off buttocks and genitals at public events, disrupting state celebrations, recruiting drug criminals for public anti-government activities (Anis Ličina), organising violent riots, in which even photojournalists and journalists (Vladimir Vodušek and Borut Živulovič) are victims, threats of hanging and hitting of MPs, and public burning and stoning of images of statesmen (Janša and Aleš Hojs).

Given that we can observe increasingly sharpened rhetoric both in parliament and on the street lately, we can rightly ask ourselves how far can it all go together? It cannot and should not be normal to intimidate someone, even in their free time, because they are not “ours”. Probably no one wants the scenario of a violent protest in Ljubljana to be repeated, right?

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