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Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists: unacceptable methods of incitement to violence and intimidation of cartoonist Jiří Kočica

By C.R.

We at the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists are appalled by the behaviour of the owner of the Facebook profile “Radio Svobodna Ljubljana”, where he published a list of prominent names from the world of culture, claiming that they are “Janšists” and “collaborators of Janšism” in culture. This post was also shared by Ljubljana city councillor Janez Stariha. Among those cultural figures and artists who are on the list for “blasting” because of their different worldview is also the academic painter Jiři Kočica, who is a cartoonist for the conservative weekly Demokracija (Democracy).

Names and surnames of 13 people were published as collaborators, which, according to the Bolshevik dictionary, means suitable for extermination. They are not of the right worldview. The author of this publication is conveying through the lines what the fate of these people would have been in 1945 and is suggesting that we should repeat this tragic lesson, which is unacceptable.

The Association believes that, given the turn of events in the elections, where there was a concession to violence, there will be more such calls in the future – also in the spirit of Putin’s policy of “persecuting fascism”. We firmly reject this kind of discourse, as it is a return to the dark days of violence against dissent. Unfortunately, this is nothing new, as we have been hearing and reading such calls for the last two years when they have been repeated with particular intensity and have not been sanctioned by the law enforcement authorities.

The list also includes the cartoonist Jiři Kočica, a prominent academic sculptor and editor of the magazine Demokracija. The Association expresses its full support to him. We believe that civil society and politics should be united in condemning this kind of intimidation and incitement to violence.


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