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Slovenia is once again in grave danger of becoming a migrant pocket – the anti-Slovene policy of Golob’s government is responsible for this

By: A. S.

The government of Robert Golob has been making decisions since the beginning of its tenure that exposes Slovenia to mass migration. This is also visible from statistics on illegal migration, since this year in the first two months alone, as many as 5,162 cases of illegal entry into Slovenia were dealt with, and in 2022 at the same time, 1,295. Because of this, the current government is experiencing criticism not only from its own citizens, who daily face groups of migrants at the border, but also from our neighbours Austria and Italy.

Due to the migrant policy of the current left-liberal government, our country is in danger of becoming a migrant pocket, because with the actions of Italy and Austria, more and more migrants may be stuck in Slovenia, although according to some unofficial information, the asylum centres are already bursting at the seams.

Italy, which is also facing a rise in illegal migration this year, has declared a state of emergency as a result. At the same time, Matteo Salvini, leader of the League and vice-president of the Italian government, who is also the minister of infrastructure and transport, also mentioned Slovenia, with whom, in his opinion, Italy must reach an agreement, so that it will once again start “doing what it has already done in the past” regarding migration. His words were mainly aimed at the situation in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which is the entry point of the Western Balkan migrant route. What is particularly worrying is that, upon declaring a state of emergency, the Italian deputy prime minister called on the Slovenian government to start accepting again migrants who crossed the border between the two countries illegally, otherwise Italy will reintroduce border controls.

As we know, the Austrians have also been exercising control at the national border with Slovenia for some time, which has not yet been withdrawn precisely because of the inability of our current government to stand on the edge of illegal migration. Recently, Austria announced the extension of border controls for another six months, precisely because Slovenia is recording a large increase in illegal migration, according to the Austrian interior minister, it is said to be as much as 300%.

Austria and Italy are thus grappling with the problem of illegal migration, while the Slovenian government refuses to take appropriate action and instead prefers to tear down fences. If it happens that Italy also introduces border control, our homeland will become a pocket for migrants, who are already an increasing problem.


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