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Slovenia Is Being Praised by All Member States, While We Have Only Heard Criticism From the Slovenian Left – “This Is Just a Sign of a Really High Level of Envy!”

MEP Romana Tomc (Photo: Nova24tv printscreen)

By: Tanja Brkić

“Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union has been very successful; it resonates everywhere except in Slovenia. Slovenia is being praised by all Member States, and as such a small country, we have achieved everything we wanted and completed things that were being resolved for a long time, and which the other countries have not been able to solve so far,” said MEP Romana Tomc. Or, as the Slovenian proverb says, if you dig a grave for others, you might fall into it yourself.

The Resolution on Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law in Slovenia was recently adopted at the plenary session in Strasbourg. Romana Tomc, a Member of the European Parliament, has repeatedly said that this was nothing more than a failed attempt by the Slovenian opposition to slander the current government. On this week’s episode of our show Aktualno (Current events), she also explained in a little more detail why she believes this to be true and provided a broader view from another angle, given that the left is still trying to publicly smear Slovenia’s success in the presidency with this resolution.

Given that the resolution was exported to the European Parliament and was thus exposed to all Member States, but then nothing substantively appropriate or tangible was written in it, Tomc believes that this was nothing more than abuse of the European Parliament to resolve internal political struggles, which are of no interest to the members of the European Union, and a wasted opportunity, as the resolution could have actually highlighted the right things to draw attention to – meaning, to problems that have not yet been resolved. According to MEP Tomc, the fact that the resolution reached the European institutions was a national attempt that corresponds to the European left in their goal of weakening the centre-right governments of the European Union. Unfortunately for the left, though, their transparency was also recognised by the European People’s Party, which also voted against the resolution in 80 percent, when after several talks and presentations of facts, they found that the resolution did not actually reflect the situation in the country. Tomc also mentioned the opposition’s claim that the government takes disproportionate measures in our country when everything is open, while in the Netherlands, everything is closed, and no one even mentions the problem of disproportionate measures.

The secret agenda of the left is nothing new
Looking back at the visit of the European delegation to Slovenia, the presence and cooperation of Romana Tomc in it already bothered some of her political colleagues at the time, as MEP Milan Zver also pointed out at the time, while MEP Tanja Fajon even accused Tomc of “unhygienic cooperation.” It would be fairly simple for anyone to conclude that some people already had a hidden agenda at the time that they tried to use to their advantage, which is why Tomc believes that her being part of the delegation was the best possible decision, “as they were sort of afraid of me all the time – afraid that I would discover their secret intentions. And that is exactly what happened. Thus, I also discovered that the office of Tanja Fajon participated in the preparation of the minutes of this mission. How can someone who was not even present at the mission know what was going on there and then even make a record of it? We knew all along that this was a Slovenian story, and then we also got some evidence to prove it.”

We have the facts that prove that Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union was successful
Slovenia’s presidency has been very successful, which is a fact that is resonating everywhere – except in Slovenia. According to Tomc, Slovenia is being praised by all Member States, and as such a small country, we have achieved everything we wanted and completed things that were being resolved for a long time, and which the other countries have not been able to solve so far, Tomc believes. But even so, here comes Tanja Fajon, who wants to override the majority, and despite all the praise, facts and political achievements, she claims that the Slovenian presidency ended with a rather bitter aftertaste, as the debate on the Resolution on Slovenia, which was also adopted in the European Parliament, left a stain on our presidency. Let us repeat this once again: the left wanted to expose the resolution to the European Parliament, which was meaningless in substance and was not aimed at improving the rule of law. Many are wondering why it even had to be voted on. Perhaps Fajon should ask herself whose fault it is that this “stain” is there – if it actually exists.

“Diminishing our reputation, achievements, relativising the achievements of the Slovenian presidency is just a sign of a really high level of envy,” Tomc responded to all the negative comments about the Slovenian presidency.

On the show, Tomc also talked about the proposal for the Long-Term Care Act. Namely, a law on long-term care and its regulation is an exceptional issue, which covers a wide range of things, and it was urgently needed in Slovenia, but we have waited too long with its adoption in our country, Romana Tomc believes, who also said that this, too, was finally also taken care of systematically, thanks to the Prime Minister Janez Janša, who, according to Tomc, was able to “cut through” further considerations and doubts and decided that this was enough. Considering that the most pressing current issue of the Long-Term Care Act is its financing and the related possible borrowing, Tomc pointed out that: “It would not be a problem to repay these debts – but only if we earned more money in the future. However, if we spend the money we borrowed from abroad on new TVs or for repaying the debt of bank tycoons, then there will be no money left. However, if we invest the money in things that will bring even more added value, then we will win. And that is what we are trying to do.”

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