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Signature of the STA contract for 2021


The Director of the Government Communication Office (UKOM) Uroš Urbanija and the Acting Director of the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) Igor Kadunc signed a public service contract for the STA this year.

As the Director of the Government Communication Office Uroš Urbanija said in a press statement, the contract is based on the provisions of the Slovenian Press Agency Act, which clearly specifies the services to be provided by the Slovenian Press Agency:

– publishing summaries in Slovenian and English about events from Slovenia and the world

– preparing radio news

– publishing photographs of the most important events

– publishing all content concerning national minorities and the activities of Slovenians abroad.

He stressed that all this content must be accessible free of charge to all on equal terms.

In a press statement, the Acting Director of STA Igor Kadunc said that he was pleased that the contract had been signed, as this would allow normal funding of the Agency. He stressed that some issues remain unresolved, but hoped that they would be settled amicably in cooperation with UKOM and that an appropriate business plan for the coming year could be prepared.

He also said that it is in everyone’s interest to have a good news agency in Slovenia, which, due to the small size of the market, is also supported by public money. “The task is not yet finished, we need to find solutions for the year ahead”, he concluded.

STA will thus receive EUR 2.028 million for this year, as envisaged in its business plan.


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