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Povežimo Slovenijo: By cooperating and connecting for the benefit of Slovenia

By: C.R.

On February 2nd, 2022, the Slovene People’s Party, the Konkretno Party, the New People’s Party, the Greens of Slovenia, and the New Social Democrats officially sealed their joint participation in this year’s parliamentary elections with the signing ceremony of the agreement on the joint participation of parties in the Povežimo Slovenijo movement in the Union Hall in Ljubljana.

The presidents of the five parties, Marjan Podobnik (SLS), Andrej Čuš (Greens of Slovenia), Zdravko Počivalšek (Konkretno), Franc Kangler (NLS) and Andrej Magajna (New Social Democracy), demonstrated how Slovenia can work beyond differences and with a vision into the future.

“Our goals are based on three centres; liberal-economic, people’s-social and green, of which common point is tolerance in communication and joint search for solutions. It is important that common sense prevails. We want different policies in Slovenia, and we have approached this by cooperating and connecting for the benefit of Slovenia. This is the right path,” said the coordinator of the Povežimo Slovenijo movement, Dr Nada Pavšer.

The vision of the Povežimo Slovenijo movement is that Slovenia of common sense ensures that creative work is valued, that it does not burden the environment and that it takes care of those who find themselves in trouble. The party presidents will make unanimous decisions on the formation of a joint parliamentary team and cooperation with the allies after the elections. The contract they signed is valid for a certain period, until the end of the next term of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

“I am very happy that we have signed an agreement that means cooperation, which means integration. Our strength is mayors who know best what people’s problems are and how to solve them, they hold responsible state, local and other functions who are willing to stand out for the common good. They are farmers, intellectuals, nature conservationists and others who want to do something for Slovenia, as we voted for in the plebiscite more than 30 years ago and firmly believed in it. We believe we can build it. We are building something good for farmers, workers, people in cities and rural areas, for the educated, pensioners and young people, for vulnerable groups. Everyone is invited, everyone is addressed, no one will be left alone. God lives in Slovenia, God lives in Povežimo Slovenijo” said SLS President Marjan Podobnik.

Slovenia is strong only when it is economically successful. Rural life must once again become a privilege. Inclusion, reciprocity, and tolerance are of paramount importance in society, and these principles must be followed: what is good for people, what is good for the economy, and what is good for nature.

“If we want to put Slovenia at the top of the global chain of success, we must show that we mean business with the new political form. Instead of a split, we need cooperation,” said the president of the Konkretno party and Minister of Economy Zdravko Počivalšek, adding that the movement has shown that they are able to overcome the differences between the signatories and focus on what we have in common: care for Slovenia and our people. The President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia and the Vice-President of Konkretno Alojz Kovšca were also present at the signing of the agreement: “The key to successful policy in the future is that we are never exclusive to anyone.”

“We Greens are proud to be part of the Povežimo Slovenijo movement. In the field of sustainable development, we strive for green realism. Clean drinking water, soil, and the air we breathe are our priorities. Today we have a situation where groundwater, air and our habitat are being poisoned daily,” said the President of the Greens of Slovenia, who are proud to be part of the Povežimo Slovenijo movement, emphasising that environmental policy has not had people looking for common solutions for the last 30 years.

The president of the NLS and state secretary at the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia, Franc Kangler, assessed that the political spasm present before the elections was harming the economy and citizens. “Therefore, it is the responsibility of all those who feel called to create the future of politics in Slovenia, to create a dialogue, to unite and not exclude anyone in the future,” he said. He said that he was happy that they would fight for a just and fair Slovenia and that he expected a good result in the elections.

New colours in the movement are being added by the New Social Democrats. “Today’s signing of the agreement reminds me of the signing of the Demos presidency 30 years ago. We knew how to connect, to come together in 1941 and 1991, when we were threatened and this should be a guide for the future,” said President Andrej Magajna.

The position in the field of health was represented by former State Secretary at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia and Doctor Tina Bregant, who is convinced that health is everyone’s right and public health must be sustainable, efficient, and empathetic.

Marko Balažic was the official speaker of the Povežimo Slovenijo movement, and the event was also attended by an adviser in the office of the President of the Republic and a former constitutional judge, Dr Ernest Petrič, successful businessman Franci Pliberšek, Minister of Education Simona Kustec, and Minister of Justice Marjan Dikaučič, numerous mayors, state secretaries, state councillors, including at least more than 30 candidates for MPs.


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