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Protest in front of the Ljubljana City Hall: they will not allow the construction of a “shit distribution system” through the best water catchments in the country!

By: Domen Mezeg (Nova24tv.si)

“Today (27th of February) we are here against Janković’s violence against peaceful taxpayers, for doctors and for clean drinking water. All this is at risk, we must fight!” the leader of the rally, Aleš Primc, said in front of the Ljubljana magistrate.

A protest against Mayor Zoran Janković was held in front of the Ljubljana Magistrate’s Office today. The protesters were distracted by the planned payment of awards for the leadership of ZD Ljubljana. They also oppose the construction of the C0 sewerage channel through the Ljubljana aquifer. The protest was prepared by part of the opposition in the Ljubljana City Council and led by Aleš Primc. As the party Voice for Children and Families said, it is a rally directed more broadly against the city politics of Janković and his “dictatorial rule”. Primc addressed the gathered: “Janković does not have a construction permit for the construction of the C0 channel and environmental protection consents” and noted that the NIJZ also “gave an opinion that the C0 channel would permanently threaten the people of Ljubljana”. SLS party councillor Tina Bregant also spoke: “The MOL coalition deals with absurdities, such as rewarding those who are responsible for people being without a doctor.”

“Dear friends, a little music at the beginning,” said Primc before the start of the programme. This was followed by the song “Slovenia, where do you get your beauty from”. When asked by the TV host of our media house, Janez Hočevar, why they are gathered in front of the Magistrate, Primc replied: “Today we are here against Janković’s violence against peaceful taxpayers, for doctors and for clean drinking water. All this is at risk, we must fight!” He added that tens of thousands of Ljubljana residents do not have a doctor, and the mayor plans to give the director the biggest possible award for work performance at today’s meeting. It is about the person who, besides Janković, is most responsible for the catastrophic state of health in the capital. He also mentioned that the controversial C0 channel is being built across the Ljubljana catchment.

Janković wants to destroy Ljubljana’s drinking water of “the most valuable water protection area in Ljubljana”. “Today’s crowd is saying: Janković, do not be violent, respect the Constitution, respect democracy, respect human rights. Let’s talk, let’s find solutions. This is the way to solve problems, not dictatorship and violence, which is happening in Ljubljana.” When asked if it was still possible to talk to Janković (considering that the construction works of the C0 channel are already underway), he replied that they wanted Janković to understand today’s message and that he would start talking. “Pushing one’s head through a wall” and enabling violence against peaceful people, and the long-term endangerment of the most valuable source of drinking water in Slovenia, is unacceptable and inadmissible, according to Primc. As much as 90 percent of the inhabitants of Ljubljana have guaranteed drinking water from this water catchment. “The right to clean drinking water is neither left nor right.”

The song “Hey, brigade!” was also played

“We all, left and right, need clean drinking water. We all need a doctor, and here is a real opportunity for Ljubljana to unite.” In the event that Janković would not hear the protesters, Primc replied: “Listen, do not worry, he has an office up here.” They plan to continue until Janković is ready to cooperate and talk. They plan to call a protest before every city council meeting, if necessary. “Until cooperation is established in Ljubljana, there will be a protest before every city council meeting!” Primc is determined. The next protest will be on March 20th. Next, the song “Only million” was heard. As a sign that we need water both left and right, they also played the song “Hey, brigade!” During the song, Janković himself suddenly appeared as the Pope at the window. After that, the protest officially started. Primc: “Dear friends, welcome to White Ljubljana!”

“First of all, I think we can just take this flag down! Ljubljana the green capital! Janković wants to make Ljubljana a dead capital! He wants to poison our clean drinking water!” He welcomed all who had gathered, all friends of the rule of law. The Slovenian national anthem followed, sung by Zala Klobčič. Primc: “We gathered at today’s meeting because we want to drink clean drinking water, which is one of the best in Europe! We gathered because we know that we patients need a doctor! We gathered to support the brave, upright farmers who are being harassed and beaten by Janković’s army! We gathered to show that we will not give away our water. We do not allow the construction of a sewage channel, i.e., shit water system, through the best water bodies in the country!”

What would happen to C0 channel in the event of an earthquake or terrorist attack?

In the following, he informed the audience of some important facts, including the fact that Janković for the construction of the C0 channel does not have a building permit, and that part of the construction takes place over private land. Also, the mayor did not obtain any building permits, nor did he obtain an environmental impact assessment. Instead, he broke the route into so many parts that environmental approvals are not required. “Thank God, on September 28th, 2020, the Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia issued a clear decision – environmental approvals are necessary! And interestingly, all that we say, the channel is dangerous! If it happens to leak due to poor workmanship, wear and tear, an earthquake, a terrorist attack, or any other reason, what happens? Filth come into our water and poison it! Even the Environmental Agency is afraid of this!” Primc was clear.

The National Institute of Public Health has also defined itself with sympathy for the population of Ljubljana. A completely negative opinion was issued for the construction of the C0 channel. They are convinced that, if the channel were to be built, it would permanently threaten the health of the men and women of Ljubljana. The threat is permanent and unacceptable. He thanked NIJZ for the professional and correct opinion. Janković also did not answer the question of the Environmental Agency. Primc is convinced that this construction cannot be explained in public proceedings. He also recalled the recent earthquake in Turkey and warned that the people of Ljubljana would be without drinking water for weeks and months. He also mentioned the war in Ukraine. It is enough for one bomb to destroy the channel and almost all of Ljubljana is without drinking water, and there are no alternative sources. “And when there is no alternative, there must be different solutions!”

“How long will the people of Ljubljana continue to watch the parade of indecent nudity of democracy in Ljubljana?”

“Those of us who drink water are not leftists or rightists, we are not Janša’s or Tonin’s gathered here! I am sure that there are those among us who voted for Janković!” Primc is convinced that Janković is not sleeping peacefully. He also invited Dr Bregant, who knows the Slovenian health care system very well, to the gathering. He recalled Janković’s recent decision at the city council meeting to prohibit the opposition from discussing solutions related to the area in question. Primc: “This is a dictatorship! That is not how it works in a democratic country!” Bergant spoke a few words about Ljubljana’s health care, which she started by recalling the story of Cesar’s new clothes. “How long will the men and women of Ljubljana continue to watch the parade of indecent nudity of democracy in Ljubljana?”


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