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Ninamedia prevents you from voting if you support SDS and oppose the government!

By: Domen Mezeg (Nova24tv.si)

“Ninamedia poll. If you answer that you would vote for the SDS party or that you DO NOT support the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the algorithm does not allow you to proceed, claiming that you do not meet the criteria,” warned Janša.

Former US Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli was right when he said, “if there is anything in Slovenia that reminds him of third-world countries, it is public opinion polls, as you cannot trust them”. One of the recent Ninamedia polls confirms this once again. Opposition leader Janez Janša warned that the survey prevents individuals from voting if they support SDS or oppose Robert Golob’s government, stating that they do not meet the criteria (here – in Slovene). We have already written a lot about how public opinion polls, especially Ninamedia’s, are a political tool of the transitional left.

For example, they detected Golob before he even announced his entry into politics (here – in Slovene), promoted the replacement of Matej Tonin with the controversial Ljudmila Novak at the helm of NSi and NSi’s entry into Golob’s government (here – in Slovene), and tried to boost Golob’s popularity in public opinion (here – in Slovene), and so on. Let’s also remember that the owner of the agency, Nikola Damjanić, celebrated in the headquarters of Zoran Janković after the local elections (here – in Slovene), and before last year’s parliamentary elections, he held a meeting with anti-Janša figures and left-wing extremists like Darko Štrajn in the Čad pod Rožnikom inn (here – in Slovene). Who still trusts polls from this agency?!


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