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New political movement launched: Connect Slovenia

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

Yesterday, the Povežimo Slovenijo (Let’s Connect Slovenia) Movement presented itself. It is about connecting parties, groups, local newspapers, and prominent individuals of different values and political views, whose goal is to cooperate and connect all well-meaning people, regardless of ideological and other differences. “The goal is to succeed in the elections and thus get the opportunity to shape Slovenia as we imagined it 30 years ago, and we had therefore defined ourselves almost unanimously,” they emphasise.

At the press conference of the Povežimo Slovenijo Movement, the initiator and coordinator of the movement, Dr Nada Pavšer and representatives of the movement members presented the purpose and goals of the movement. A large number of parties, groups, local newspapers and prominent individuals of various values and political views are agreeing to participate in the movement and on the joint list for the parliamentary elections. They are united by the content of the Slovenian Constitution and the efforts to enforce the practices of successful countries in Slovenia, especially Austria.

Among them are: Zeleni Slovenije party, the SLS party, SMC party, NLS Lista Franca Kanglerja (party), Celjska županova lista Bojana Šrota (party), Lista koprskega župana Aleša Bržana (party), former constitutional judge and diplomat Dr Ernest Petrič, President of the Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship Branko Meh, President of the Association of Pensioners’ Associations Janez Sušnik, musician Oto Pestner, athlete Lucija Polavder, Dr Luj Šprohar and others.

“It is a movement where the path to the goal is as important as the goal itself. The path to the goal is cooperation and connection of all well-meaning people, regardless of ideological and other differences. The goal is to succeed in the elections and thus get the opportunity to shape Slovenia as we imagined it 30 years ago, and we had therefore defined ourselves almost unanimously.” The point is that people living in Slovenia would love each other more, that there would be more political tolerance, more inspiration for unity, for respect for the people and for our common state.

They will strive for the widest possible involvement

The President of the Zeleni Slovenija party Andrej Čuš: “In the light of the communal, social, and political crisis, Zeleni have decided to present the Povežimo Slovenijo initiative and invite all people of good will to shape Slovenia together and give apathetic politics an alternative.” The founder of the Slovenian network of eco-schools, Pavšer, expressed her belief: “Only in this way will we be able to strengthen the immune system of our society, with compassion, tolerance, etc.”

As they emphasise, they want to enrich each other with their initiatives and decisions and strive for the widest possible involvement. It is a group of professionals, artisans, athletes, etc. who intend to work with each other for the common good. According to SLS president Marjan Podobnik, the SLS party is happy to promote this movement. As a state-forming party with a diverse local infrastructure, they offer it for the success of the movement, but they also intend to offer suitable staff for the mayoral election, citing Austria as an example: “The need for integration and cooperation is very great. The SLS party has an extremely strong infrastructure at the local level. Many people who have not gone to the elections so far will now support this movement.” The SLS champion also compared the situation to the 1990 plebiscite, when people went to the polls en masse.

In the coming days, they will offer a candidate for prime minister

The former mayor of Maribor, Franc Kangler, said on this occasion: “In 1991, we won an independent Slovenia. 30 years later, I find that politics has not lived up to European standards, especially by the opposition, which is trying to annul the work of those who work for the good of Slovenia.” He also believes that they are only concerned with their own positions and benefits. The mayor of the municipality of Celje, Bojan Šrot, is convinced that “integration always gives good results. In the municipality of Celje, we are people from different poles, but we are connected and we are looking for common solutions. We are also looking for something like this at the national level, in order to enable both Slovenes a higher quality of life.” Minister of the Economy Zdravko Počivalšek commented on the initiative as follows: “It is important that we find a balance and support the integration of the liberal middle.” MEP Franc Bogovič is convinced that “our work in a family, on a farm and in politics is successful when we connect.”

“It is a movement where different people connect with each other in space. We have Austrian neighbours who can set an example for us in this area. In the extreme case, what has happened in the US may happen otherwise. That is why I call on us to make Slovenia the way we fought for it 30 years ago.” Miha Burger from the Civil Initiative for Slovenia touched on the field of pensions: “I am the bearer of the idea of “fair pension in Slovenia”, which was born within this movement. Thus I call on all Slovenes to vote for this proposal, in order to strengthen the same pension system as in Austria.” As they further state in the movement, it is politics that divides us, that is why there are so many disappointments. It comes to situations where every other citizen does not go to the elections. They intend to encourage Slovenian politics to cooperate. In the coming days or weeks, they will offer their candidate for prime minister, and they also intend to run in the post-election period.



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